Ultimate AL 9.0 Di2, 01/2013

Who says that great racing bikes must necessarily be made of carbon? tested various roadbikes, from which the Canyon Ultimate AL 9.0 Di2 was declared as bike of the year.

Just edging out the Trek, though, is the Canyon Ultimate AL 9/0 Di2. We argued long and hard about this and in the end decided that the Canyon’s amazing value gave it the edge.

Controversial. This is an aluminium bike. Surely aluminium has had its day? Well, no. Some people would have you believe that carbon = good, aluminium = bad. They’re wrong. There are plenty of great aluminium bikes out there, as there are great titanium and steel bikes too. This one is fast and lively with electronic shifting and loads more besides. It’s a helluva bike for the cash.

This is one of the cheapest bikes out there with electronic shifting – it comes with Shimano Ultegra Di2 – but it’s far from a one trick pony. The aluminium frame comes with an oversized head tube, a press-fit bottom bracket and it’s stiff enough to launch forward when you hit the pedals hard. Weighing in at a highly reasonable 7.86kg (17.29lb), it climbs well and it’s an equally confident descender.

Canyon have been careful to engineer in plenty of comfort via pencil-thin seat stays and a slim seatpost that contains basalt fibres to dampen road buzz. All-in-all, it’s excellent value.

Canyon’s Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 came out as our Bike of the Year in 2011, so it’s two in a row for the German brand.

Canyon’s Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 wurde bereits 2011 unser Bike des Jahres, mit dem Ultimate AL 9.0 Di2 schafft es Canyon zum zweiten Mal in Folge den Titel für sich zu gewinnen.