Grand Canyon AL 6.0

MountainBIKE 05/13

Eight brands, each entering a 26" and 29" model: Mountainbike magazine tested 16 hardtails in the 1000 Euro price category.
In the 26er category the Yellowstone AL 6.9 ran away with the test victory and earned it the evaluation "outstanding".

The Grand Canyon AL 6.0 is a real hot tip for all amateur racers. Tip: Weighing in at just 11.1 kg the bike isn't just extremely agile, but was also chosen lightest bike in the test. However, that wasn't enough: The Grand Canyon impresses with the highest levels of stiffness in the test - these are the best possible prerequisites for the ride in rough terrain.When pulling out of the corners the Grand Canyon AL 6.0 makes use of one of its most outstanding characteristics: This is the super acceleration, which is promoted by the competitive rider position on the bike.

Verdict: Super equipment and super light to boot - the Grand Canyon AL 6.0 offers you more for your money. The bike whizzes uphill in true race hardtail style and scoops the test victory in the 26" category with flying colours.