Spectral AL 8.0

MountainBIKE, 03/14

An absolute riot! The perfect example of an all-mountain machine in a group test of 13 bikes costing between €2599 and €3299. As eventual test winner, the Spectral 8.0 SL was the only bike to receive a rating of "Outstanding".

"[...] Canyon has reinvented itself in the all-mountain sector. The compact geometry means handling is lively and agile which got the seal of approval from our testers, "It's a proper hoot to play around on, popping off things."

Even on rugged Enduro terrain the bike runs incredibly smoothly. The steering angle is not too steep and when combined the fantastic selection of componenty including super grippy tyres, solid brakes, and a wide cockpit, you get all the stability you could want.

As a bike for less-experienced riders the Spectral isn't too intimidating. The excellent ride is made possible by the cushty chassis which provides plenty of traction and minimal pedal-bob. It's even fun to ride uphill despite the relaxed riding position, due to its relatively low weight. Talking of which, the Spectral was the lightest bike with the lightest frame on test [...] so even in manufacturing terms the Spectral is a real humdinger."

CONCLUSION: An absolute riot! The lightest and most fun all-mountain bike on test. Potent downhill and lightfooted going up. Both on paper and in practise, there can only be one winner, the Spectral AL 8.0