ABUS Bordo Xplus 6500/85 Lock
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ABUS Bordo Xplus 6500/85 Lock

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ABUS Bordo Xplus 6500/85 Lock
ABUS Bordo Xplus 6500/85 Lock

ABUS Bordo Xplus 6500/85 Lock As riders, we know that having your bike stolen is not just inconvenient, it can be upsetting and traumatic- after all, your bike is your pride and joy. This is why investing in a strong and effective bike lock is vital for those times you keep your bike outside. The Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 folding lock is constructed from 5.5mm hardened steel bars and connected with special rivets to ward off even the most determined thief. The Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 is so strong it achieved a top score of 15 in the Abus Security Level System.

ABUS Bordo Xplus 6500/85 Lock
ABUS Bordo Xplus 6500/85 Lock

Détails du produit


  • 5.5mm hardened steel bars with extra-soft two-component casing protects paintwork
  • Abus Link Protection Shield guards against hinge sawing
  • Abus XPlus Cyclinder provides high protection against lock picking
  • Given a top score of 15 in Abus’s Security Level System
  • Cover of main body made from soft-touch silicone


  • 1 x Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 Bike Lock


  • 1.58 kg


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