Canyon Headband
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Canyon Headband

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Product description

As the temperature drops and we enter winter, keeping warm on the bike becomes a priority. Bodily extremities such as the hands and feet can get cold easily but most of our body heat is lost through the head. This is where the new Canyon Headband comes in. Made from a soft polyester material, it feels gentle on the skin and can easily be worn under your road or MTB helmet to absorb moisture and keep you warm. Say goodbye to that ‘cold head’ feeling and enjoy the ride with the new Canyon Headband.

Détails du produit


  • Soft to the touch feel
  • Quick-drying polyester material helps to wick sweat
  • Perfect fit for under your Road or MTB helmet


  • 85% Polyester
  • 15% Elasthan


  • 1 x Canyon Headband


  • 16 g


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