2017年03月03日, CANYON Sensations experienced from the simple act of riding

"You cannot harvest what you have not sown."

The life of a pro is in a constant state of flux. Often, it’s an act of staying afloat throughout an ongoing cycle: race, recover, travel, sleep, repeat. Disconnected from the pressures of competition, the sensations experienced from the simple act of riding give perspective, regardless of what's on the day’s training plan.

CANYON//SRAM Racing’s Alexis Ryan is a California-native who bases herself in Girona during the European racing season. As contrasts go, the difference between her home and the heartlands of Catalonia is considerable, medieval alleys and cobbled streets are rare out on the West Coast. It’s with good reason though that this enclave is a magnet for pro cyclists, especially those from the “New World,” as they have become known. The list of Australians, Americans and Brits who have settled out here at one point or another over the past 15 years reads like a who’s who of the sport’s biggest names. It’s almost become a rite of passage, or a part of the métier.

From the wide valleys and mountain roads surrounding Alexis’ European home, new opportunities abound every single day. The drive required to compete at the highest level is hard to define, only by being out on the bike, do you get close to the answers.