Tomas sending a huge superman seatgrab ©TDG Photography

2015年02月20日, CANYON One more for the crew...

Canyon Factory Freeride Teamの新加入ライダー TOMAS LEMOINE

これまで3名のライダーで活動していたキャニオンファクトリーフリーライドチーム Canyon Factory Freeride Team (CFFT)に2015シーズン、チームの4人目となる新ライダー Tomas Lemoine が加入します。

BMXレースからキャリアをスタートしたTomasはまだ18歳ながら、既に過去数シーズンのコンテストで名を馳せる活躍を見せています。今シーズンはCFFTの一員としてフルサポートを得て、Canyon Stitched と Torque DHX で世界中のビッグコンテストを転戦します。

Tomas は盛り上がりを見せるマルセイユのライディングシーンで活躍し、CFFTの一員となった初めてのフランス人。CFFTのライダーはベルギーの Thomas Genon, スウェーデンの Anton Thelander, ドイツの Peter Henke とインターナショナルなチームに。 過去最強の布陣となったCFFTはきたる FMB ワールドツアーランキングの台風の目となるだけでなく、ダイヤモンドシリーズイベントでもシーズンを通して活躍を見せてくれるでしょう。

For CFFT Manager, Flo Goral, Tomas has the potential to be the next big thing:

“We constantly keep an eye out for fresh new talent. When you look at Tomas’ skills, style and how old he is, it’s clear he has what it takes. Just watching his progression over the past couple of seasons has been incredible, the only question was how far this kid could go with the right support. That’s what we’re here to give him. As soon as we saw those zebra-print pants he wore at Munich MASH we were completely sold so when we got the chance to bring him into the team we couldn’t turn it down!”   

The man himself can’t wait to get the new season underway:

“I’m super proud to ride for the Canyon Factory Freeride Team. It’s one of the few manufacturers out there with a proper freeride setup and its own team. All the bikes have the right geometries, which is so important for the riders. I also can’t wait to join my teammates, it’s a solid crew and we always have good times at contests together. I hope it’s the start of a long partnership, I’m like a kid at Christmas right now! My plan for 2015 is just to have fun on the bike. I want to do all FMB Gold and Diamond Series events and keep progressing through those contests, alongside all the other cool stuff like doing photo shoots and filming for new edits.”

Tomas has been busy hitting up the foampit over the off-season to nail down new combos ready for the 2015 contest season. He’ll make his CFFT debut this weekend at Masters of Dirt in Vienna riding alongside Thomas Genon.

Whether shooting new edits or gunning for the podium, the CFFT boys will always be ready to drop in and turn on the style in 2015! 

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