WMN Fitness Bikes


Good for body, good for soul, our diverse range of women's Fitness bikes open up new doors when it comes to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Working out doesn't have to be a chore, every Roadlite and Pathlite model is fast, fun and comfortable. We've adapted the fit and component spec of these bikes to perfectly suit the female form in the areas that count the most. Hitting the pavement on the Roadlite or heading off-grid with the Pathlite, make the transition to Ride Your Workout.


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WMN Fitness Bikes

wmn-fitness Family
Roadlite WMN CF 8.0

Roadlite WMN CF 8.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN SL 8.0

Pathlite WMN SL 8.0 NEW


Roadlite WMN CF 7.0

Roadlite WMN CF 7.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN SL 7.0

Pathlite WMN SL 7.0 NEW


Roadlite WMN SL 8.0

Roadlite WMN SL 8.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN 6.0

Pathlite WMN 6.0 NEW


Roadlite WMN AL 6.0

Roadlite WMN AL 6.0




Roadlite WMN 7.0

Roadlite WMN 7.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN 5.0

Pathlite WMN 5.0 NEW


Roadlite AL WMN 6.0

Roadlite AL WMN 6.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN 4.0

Pathlite WMN 4.0 NEW


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