Put to the test by Canyon’s freeride, enduro and downhill teams, the Torque is not a bike to be boxed in. With 175 mm of rear suspension on offer from its new linkage and the kinematic developed for the Sender CF, the bike provides next-level traction and comes alive on everything from the most challenging backcountry trails to jump lines at the bike park. The combination of 180 mm of travel up front with the same bombproof Category 5 rating as the Sender results in a bike that feels stable and grounded at speed, while also begging to get airborne. Super enduro, park bike, freeride, call it whatever you like, the Torque is back and it’s better than ever.


Torque CF


Torque CF

Torque CF Frameset

Want to build up your dream whip? With the Torque CF frameset, you get all of the quality and innovation of our freeride weapon with all of the freedom to set it up how you want. An extended front center pairs with a shorter rear end to offer excellent balance, but still stay fun and easy to ride, while the Sender-inspired linkage supplies superior traction. The frame comes with Fox’s Factory Float X2 Evol air shock and a Fox Performance Transfer dropper post, but the rest is up to you.

Torque CF Frameset


Torque Family
Torque CF 9.0

Torque CF 9.0 NEW


Torque CF 8.0

Torque CF 8.0 NEW


Torque CF 7.0

Torque CF 7.0 NEW


Torque AL 6.0

Torque AL 6.0 NEW


Torque WMN AL 5.0

Torque WMN AL 5.0 NEW


Torque AL 5.0

Torque AL 5.0 NEW


Torque CF Frameset

Torque CF Frameset NEW