Muc-Off Brush Kit
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Muc-Off Brush Kit

37.000 ₩
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Muc-Off Brush Kit The Muc-Off 5x Premium Brush Kit features all five of Muc-Off’s cleaning brushes to keep your bike looking and riding like new. All brushes feature sintered bristle compounds for safe cleaning and rubberised impact zones for maximum protection.

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  • Sintered bristle compounds for safe cleaning
  • Rubberised impact zones for maximum protection
  • Nylon bristles for durability
  • Contains Muc-Off's Two Prong, Detailing, Soft Washing, Claw and Wheel & Component brushes


  • Soft Washing Brush: Designed to clean your frame and components while caring for delicate finishes
  • Detailing Brush: Ideal for reaching dirt on sprockets, hubs and other tight areas such as suspension mounts or fork crowns
  • Claw Brush: Ideal for chains, cassettes and sprockets, and it’s even 10-speed compatible
  • Wheel & Component Brush: Shaped specifically to clean rims and spokes with ease
  • Two Prong Brush: Perfect for reaching dirt on spokes, discs, shocks, cranks, linkages and pedals


  • 1 x Muc-Off Soft Washing Brush
  • 1 x Muc-Off Detailing Brush
  • 1 x Muc-Off Claw Brush
  • 1 x Muc-Off Wheel & Component Brush
  • 1 x Muc-Off Two Prong Brush


  • 나일론


  • 760.00 g


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