POC VPD Air Legs Knee Pads
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POC VPD Air Legs Knee Pads

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POC VPD Air Legs Knee Pads

POC VPD Air Legs Knee Pads The VPD Air Legs from POC are perfect for mountain bikers who are looking for a minimal level of padding with the highest level of comfort, compression and ventilation. Pre-shaped to offer enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement and the silicone strips at the top and the bottom ensure a precise and secure fit - even through rough terrain. Thanks to the perforated design, airflow is optimized.

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  • Pre-shaped, low-profile protection pads
  • Reinforced fabric outside knee
  • Ventilated textile inside leg
  • Lightweight compression fabric for a secure and pressure free fit
  • Silicon strip at the top and bottom to secure in place
  • Perforated for moisture and ventilation control
  • VPD Air Protector


  • 1 x Pair POC VPD Air Legs


  • 170.00 g


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