Canyon WMN SD:ON Saddle
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Canyon WMN SD:ON Saddle

86.000 ₩
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Canyon WMN SD:ON Saddle With e-MTB biking, you spend a lot of time in the saddle going uphill. Especially on those extra steep climbs, it’s important to always have traction on the rear wheel. Out of dissatisfaction with what we found already on the market, we decided to develop our own saddle for the Spectral:ON WMN models to meet our demands. This saddle provides the perfect balance of comfort and performance thanks to the additional padding around the seat bones. The wing at the rear of the saddle offers stability and supports on steep climbs. The wider saddle nose offers more contact surface for technical ascents. This saddle puts the finishing touch on your e-MTB and gives you the most out of your ride.

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  • e-MTB optimized padding for more comfort in an upright riding position
  • Shell made of polypropylene (PP) for more comfort and increased flexibility
  • Perfect for long rides in a seated position or on steep climbs
  • Additional rear support prevents you from sliding backwards
  • In extremely steep terrain, the relatively wide and angled nose provides crucial comfort
  • Extra padding around the seat bones
  • Thanks to the extra-long rails, the saddle can be pushed far forward - perfect for climbing experts
  • The WMN version features an ergonomic recess, a rounder rear support section, and softer padding


  • Weight: 275 g
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 278 x 150 x 42 mm
  • Rail Material: CrMo Steel
  • Cover Material: Microfiber
  • Padding Material: Comfort Foam
  • Shell Material: Polypropylene
  • Horizontal Adjustment Range: +/- 10 mm


  • 1 x Canyon SD:ON WMN Saddle


  • 275.00 g

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