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Godt for både kropp og sjel, ingenting kombinerer trening og rekreasjon bedre enn å dra ut på en sykkeltur. Med modellinjen Canyon Fitness handler alt om frisk luft, frihet og veien som ligger foran deg. Enten du er ute etter en treningsøkt i helga eller vil ta en kjapp kosetur i solnedgangen, så er Canyon Fitness syklene meget allsidige og gir deg en effektiv, morsom og befriende måte å holde deg i form på. Vi liker å se på det som den perfekte sykle-til-jobben-balansen.


KATRIN NEUMANN, Sports scientist and former professional rider

Why is cycling the perfect activity for anyone not that interested in intensive exercise?

KATRIN NEUMANN: Going out for a ride is easy to fit into your day and you can practically cycle anywhere – whether with friends or just on your own. These days, when I’m out with friends in summer we usually head out to the nearby lake or ride along quiet lanes through the countryside, we always manage to avoid busy roads. The great thing about riding compared to running is that you cover way more ground and can explore your surroundings better – it’s just more fun!

What effect does riding have on your overall health?

KATRIN NEUMANN: It has such a positive impact on the whole body. There’s very little pressure placed on your joints, unlike running, because most of the time you’re sat down. Long and steady exercise is best for the heart and circulatory system as well as being the most effective way to burn fat – you find yourself getting fitter even quicker on the bike. Heading out in different conditions is also great for strengthening your immune system. Even if you’re short on time, the shortest rides are still good for you. Pedalling targets muscles in the legs and your glutes, so getting the perfect beach body is even easier. It also makes you cleverer! During exercise new connections in your brain are formed that helo boost your ability to concentrate.