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How to clean your Canyon bicycle

Your Canyon is a premium bicycle. Nevertheless, just as with other vehicles, your Canyon requires regular care and maintenance that should best be carried out by a qualified technician. In addition, on lightweight bikes important components must be replaced at regular intervals. This will allow you to continue to enjoy your new bike and ride safely for many years to come.

Washing and care of your Canyon

Dried sweat, dirt and salt from winter use or sea air all damage your Canyon. Therefore, you should regularly clean all the components on your bike to protect them from corrosion. Under no circumstances should you use a high pressure washer on your Canyon.

This type of cleaning can have serious consequences:

The high pressure water jet can penetrate the bearing seals and get into the bearings themselves, thereby washing out the grease/lubrication which in turn increases friction. In addition, the bearings can begin to corrode. In time this results in damage to the surfaces the bearings run on and ultimately to the failure of the entire bearing unit. Pressure washers can also cause decals to come off.

It is significantly easier on the material if you use a garden hose pipe, or alternatively a bucket of water and a sponge or a large brush.

After your Canyon is dry you should treat the metal surfaces with hard wax (with the exception of brake discs and rim flanks in the case of rim brakes). Also apply a thin film of wax to the spokes, hubs, nuts and bolts. Components with smaller surfaces can be simply sprayed using a manual pump sprayer. Now polish off the waxed surfaces with a soft cloth so that they shine and repel water.

- When cleaning look out for cracks, scratch marks, deformations or discolorations in the material. If in doubt, please get in touch with our workshop. Replace damaged or defective components immediately and touch up damaged paint work.

  • Do not allow cleaning materials or chain oil to come into contact with brake pads or braking surfaces on the rims! This can lead to brake failure and serious injury to the rider!

After completing any cleaning work on the chain you should check the chain and lubricate it if required.
Cleaning, care and maintenance, washing your bike.

Clean carbon parts with a soft cloth and clean water, if required add a little washing-up liquid. Tough oil or grease stains may be removed by using petroleum based cleaners. Never use cleaners which contain acetone, trichloroethylene or methyl chloride. Nor should you use chemical cleaning materials on your bike’s paintwork. Use a soft cloth for cleaning Picture 1

To protect the paintwork and make it shine you may use wax. Polishes or paint cleaners contain solid particles which can damage the surface of the paint.

Canyon forsøker hele tiden å sikre kvaliteten og nøyaktigheten i den informasjonen som legges ut her i Teknisk Support Senter. Likevel er alle reparasjoner og justeringer som du utfører på egen risiko. Er du i tvil med hensyn til hvordan du skal gjøre det, anbefaler vi deg å sende sykkelen til Canyon eller levere den til et kvalifisert sykkelverksted. Canyon gir ingen garantier og tar ikke ansvar for den informasjon som legges ut her i Teknisk Support Senter.

Picture 1: Cleaning with sponge

Picture 1: Cleaning with sponge

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