Exceed CF 24

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By now you know whether your child loves cycling, and it’s time to splash out on his or her first carbon mountain bike. Buying the Canyon Exceed CF 24 will give your kid access to a top-quality spec in a small package, so your little athlete can continue to grow a love of the outdoors. Taking a leaf out of our adult Exceed model line, the Exceed 24 inch is a hardtail mountain bike intended to excel over backcountry trails. Designed to offer a lightweight manoeuvrability that will be equal to the most advanced MTBers on the junior circuit, while still providing the sort of disc braking power to ensure things will never get out of hand. The Xfusion Velvet RL2 front suspension fork offers up to 80 mm of travel to cushion young hands and wrists from bigger impacts that they may encounter the deeper into the woods we all love to ride, as well as lockout function to help with efficient climbing. This is a bike designed to help them push the pace with their XC friends and even give the adults on the trail a run for their money. With one 32 tooth chainring in the front and 11 gears for the rear cassette, this junior mountain bike will give the youngsters the chance to test their limits while trying new trails. The 24 inch wheels will help eat up the tracks, and will be a revelation for the kids, especially if they are coming from 16 inch wheels. Made for athletically ambitious kids between 120cm and 140cm tall, the Canyon Exceed CF 24 will probably be the last stop on their way to graduating to full-fledged adult bikes.


  • Quadro Canyon Exceed CF Young Hero
  • Suspensão Xfusion Velvet RL2 24
  • Caixa de direcção Canyon | Acros
  • Mudanças SRAM NX Trigger, 11s
  • Pneus Schwalbe Rocket Ron Performance
  • Pedaleiro Canyon Offspring
  • Pratos 32
  • Corrente KMC X11-93
  • Selim Canyon Offspring
  • Espigão Iridium
  • Pedais Canyon Offspring
  • Cor topeak-ergon racing team
  • Peso 10,6 kg
  • Incluido na entrega
  • Protecção de quadro Canyon Proteção de quadro
  • Acessórios Canyon chave do pedal, manual de instruções com CD, set refletor

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Tamanho 24″

Comprimento (cm) 120-140
Altura do selim (mm) 410-520
Tubo do selim (comp.) 317
Tubo superior (comp.) 470
Testa (comp.) 110
Ângulo da coluna de direcção 68°
Ângulo do tubo do selim 73°
Escora (comp.) 410
Distância entre eixos 954
Stack 492
Reach 319
Altura do tubo superior 710
Offset da caixa do movimento pedaleiro 30

Avanço (comp.) 45

Largura do guiador 550

Pedaleiro (comp.) 152

Diâmetro do espigão 30,9

Comprimento do espigão 250

Wheel size 24″

Curso da suspensão 80

CLASSIFICAÇÃO DAS BICICLETAS: Youth Category bikes are designed for children to ride off-road on well-maintained tracks and trails. Bikes in this category are built to withstand bumpy surfaces with changes in level that cause the wheels to lose contact with the ground. 16” and 20” wheel bikes have a maximum weight limit of 40 kg, 24” wheel bikes 80 kg, including rider and equipment. Youth Category bikes are not intended for use on the roads in their standard configuration.

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