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Nerve AM 8.0 X Very good

BIKE, 12.2011

Tuning is a foreign word to this all mountain machine. Canyon's Nerve AM X 8.0 is the ideal choice in this target group.

Nerve AM 9.0 SL Super - test winner on points

Bike, 06/11

Verdict: the best equipment and lightest bike by far.

Nerve AM 8.0 Very good

Bike 07/10

Verdict: Canyon has really hit the bullseye and produced a well engineered all-mountain machine.

Nerve AM 9.0 Outstanding - best buy

Mountainbike 04/10

Verdict: the Nerve AM is a bike in the classic all-mountain mould - light, agile, superior equipment with loads of reserves on the suspension, and all this makes for mega fun.

Nerve AM 7.0 More bike for less

Mountainbike 11/09

CONCLUSION: Even with its 150mm of travel at the front the Nerve AM still is a fleet-footed, extraordinary all-mountain bike. Even more bike for your money!

Nerve AM 9.0 HS A favourite for 2010

Bike 11/09

Conclusion: "Those who can't make up their minds between an All-Mountain and an Enduro bike will see that the Nerve offers both for the typically low price offered by an online retailer."

Nerve AM 8.0 Super - Bike Tipp

Bike 05/09

Reduce to the max - Canyon has put together a real all mountain hit with the Nerve AM. The bike is a clear winner on points.

Nerve AM 8.0 Outstanding - Test winner

Mountain Bike 04/09

This bike is spot on! The AM is true to its name and is a mountain bike with enormous all-round potential and offering bags of riding pleasure.

Nerve AM 8.0 Very versatile bike

Onbike Portugal 10/08

Whether on drops, jumps, rolls or climbs, this is a versatile bike.

Nerve AM 8.0 Overall Result: OUTSTANDING! – TEST WINNER!

Mountainbike 04/08

Conclusion: Top components provide top riding pleasure in all situations. The Canyon is an all-mountain straight from the text book! Overall a worthy test winner.