Nerve XC 8.0

Mountainbike 06/10

Black, flat front, powerful - the Canyon Nerve XC wiped the floor with the opposition and scooped the test victory with flying colours.

No adjustment of travel but with full performance suspension. Maximum forward drive but sufficient reserves on blocked trails. Competitive position on the bike but enough comfort on long rides. This is what the all-round bikes with 120 mm of travel promise. The magazine Mountainbike really meant business and invited 11 candidates to take part in the test - among them the Canyon Nerve XC 8.0.

According to the first assessment of the editors the field split up into three groups: The "traditional fraction", the race thoroughbreds and the "mid-range bikes." According to the raw figures the Canyon was among the premium mid-range bikes. However, does this observation tally with the bike's performance? The answer to this question is quite simply yes. The somewhat more detailed assessment of the testers was that the premium mid-range bikes "pamper the rider with their safe handling and achieve the difficult balancing act between comfort and safety in tough terrain. Forward power is ample in all situations [...]. The Canyon even boasts a luxurious range of equipment and sensational weight of just 11.7 kg! Fine details such as the super saddle quick release demonstrate the great eye for detail."

These fine details especially impressed the testers because both the geometry and components are all optimally matched to the area of use. "The Canyon's rider takes a slightly outstretched position on the bike which is perfectly suited to long rides. The suspension is perfectly matched to the rider's needs. This gives the rider total control in every situation. The superb geometry makes the Nerve a true Jack of all trades and gives the rider an enormous sense of safety achieved by smooth running without neglecting the fun factor. Agility is a further quality which the Nerve possesses. The rear triangle applies the available travel superbly and provides ample traction in every situation. The Canyon is well equipped to deal with even the most extreme climbing tours with its flatter front. Does the bike then tend to rear up? Far from it! The bike's weight, which would have even made marathon racers happy just a few years back, allows the rider to clock up the metres of elevation with ease. The premium and well thought out equipment fits in beautifully with the immaculate image of this all-rounder."

Verdict: "A bike for everyone and everything. Well balanced geometry, mega fun, top equipment and minimal weight. Brilliant! Test-winner!"