Entry is limited to individuals over 18 years of age. Employees of Canyon Bicycles GmbH as well as firms, distributors, agencies and their staff commissioned with the administration of the competition are excluded from entry.
The condition for entry is a completed registration form. The registration must contain correct and up-to-date information. Compulsory information is the participant's name, individual password and e-mail address. Registration is complete when the registration e-mail has been successfully confirmed and a personalized view of the online game has been set up.


In order to qualify to take part in each of the weekly draws, it is necessary to accumulate the following number of points. (7 points for the week 1 draw, 12 points or the week 2 draw, 17 points for the final draw). The competition winners will be informed via the e-mail address they indicated during registration.

No prizes can be paid in cash. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. Canyon Bicycles GmbH reserves the right to cancel prizes for specific reasons (such as non-availability) and replace these with prizes of an equal value or higher.

Betting game:

Canyon Bicycles GmbH reserves the right to terminate the game at any time without prior notice and without giving any reason. Canyon Bicycles GmbH may make use of this right in particular in the event of technical problems (for example computer viruses, manipulation or errors in the computer hard or software) or if, for legal reasons, a proper execution of the game cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, Canyon Bicycles GmbH reserves the right to amend the mode of play or terminate the game, in particular in the event that one or more of the Katusha team riders Joaquim Rodríguez, Daniel Moreno and Alexander Kristoff drop out of the race.

Game points are scored by making accurate predictions (higher, lower or the same position) about the positions of the riders in the overall classification at the end of any given stage in relation to the position where the rider began that particular stage.For every correct bet the player receives 1 point (maximum of 3 points per stage possible).

Betting is only possible up to xxx before the start of the stage. Any bets which are received after this time will not be counted. The closing time for placing bets will be announced on the relevant webpage of the game.

The official announcement of the overall classification on the Tour de France website at the end of each stage is relevant for the award of game points. Later amendments to the ranking (due to the retirement of riders from the race etc.) will not count. In addition, Canyon Bicycles GmbH does not guarantee to process bets on the same day of any particular stage.

Canyon Bicycles GmbH accepts no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, currentness and completeness of any editorial information which appears on the website.