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Canyon CT scanner

Canyon is the world’s first bike manufacturer to introduce a CT scanner to optimise its R&D, production and quality control processes. This enables us to ensure that our customers receive an entirely safe product of first-class quality.
We at Canyon are always there for our customers – and so we have now introduced a unique service package. If your bike is damaged in any way, we can examine the frame or any other relevant part in our CT scanner. We scan the affected components and can say with 100% accuracy whether it is safe for you to keep riding the bike or if it is irreparable. We also analyse visibly damaged frames and components after accidents or offer expert advice in the event that an official report is required in a dispute.

After the examination has been completed you will receive a detailed report. The report includes information about the damage, the possible effects this may have on the safety of the component and an assessment of whether the relevant component is still safe to ride.
You will also receive CT images of the parts that have been examined and where the damage can be seen. You will receive these images on a Canyon USB-stick.
We are also happy to examine non-Canyon products. However with non-Canyon products we are only able to provide a damage report and cannot give you any assessment as to whether the relevant part is still safe to ride.


If you would like to benefit from our CT service, please contact our Service Center on Telefon: +46 (0)767650596; Mon -Fri 09.00 – 17.00 or send us an e-mail to sverige@canyon.com

You will then receive an appointment. You can send either your whole bike in to us or the individual parts which require testing. Alternatively, you can bring the bike or parts to be tested personally to us at Canyon.Home. If you send your complete bike in to us, we will take it to pieces in our workshop and get it ready for the CT examination. You do not have to prepare your bike in any way, but please ensure that it is completely free of dirt.


Single examination (frame, fork or wheel): € 199,00 including disassembly

Frameset (frame and fork): €299,00 including disassembly

Assembly after a positive examination (including safety check) € 99,00

These charges apply only to private customers, not commercial customers. Orders from assessors are charged according to the amount of work involved. All charges include VAT.

Bikes or components which are returned to the customer incur an additional charge.

In the event that the examined bike or component can no longer be safely ridden, we are not permitted to reassemble it. In such cases we grant a 50% reduction on the cost of an examination if the customer elects to buy a new bike. If the customer elects to participate in our Crash Replacement Program we grant a 25% discount on any CT examination. This offer is only open to Canyon customers.

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