Fit adjustment

Canyon Speedmax CFR

Adjust your fit to the millimetre

World-beating triathletes are obsessive about fit. So are we. With the advanced modular design and out of the box adjustability of the Speedmax CFR cockpit, you can be too.

Integrated solutions

High-performance integrated solutions

Managing nutrition, hydration and making quick repairs is vital to winning triathlon races. The Speedmax CFR is packed full of aerodynamic, quick-access solutions.

And they actually make the bike perform better by improving frame stiffness and reducing frame weight.


Canyon Speedmax CFR

Championship-level comfort

World-class performance means nothing without world-class comfort. To stay fast and powerful on the longest races, the two go hand-in-hand.

That’s why the Speedmax CFR is fitted with high-grade contact points, exclusively developed together with Ergon, that deliver next-level front-centre comfort.

Components and customisation

World-class components

The Speedmax CFR is equipped with the same components ridden by the pros in the world's toughest tri races.

CFR, the very best we can build.
Canyon Speedmax CFR

Customising your Speedmax CFR

The Speedmax CFR features free post-sale customisation to spec your bike to your triathlon goals. You can also upgrade components to CeramicSpeed parts and carbon fibre alternatives. You can skip customisation if you’re happy with the standard spec.
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