Legal Notices

1. Notice in accordance with the German Batteries Act - BattG [Batteriegesetz]

After use, you can return your batteries and rechargeable batteries in our showroom, take them to a municipal collection point or hand them in to a local specialist retailer. As a consumer, you have a statutory obligation to return batteries and rechargeable batteries to enable them to be recycled. Batteries containing pollutants are identified with a symbol denoting a scored-through rubbish bin and the chemical symbol (Cd, Hg or Pb) of the heavy metal classified as a pollutant. You can return used batteries to us at the following address:

Canyon Bicycles GmbH, Karl-Tesche-Straße 12, 56073 Koblenz, Germany

This return option is restricted to batteries of the kind that we include, or have at one time included, in our product range, and to the quantity that an end user habitually might need to dispose of.

2. Data protection notice

Your old devices may contain sensitive personal data. This is particularly the case for devices used in relation to IT and telecommunications technology, e.g. smart cycle computers, PCs or smartphones. In your own interest, please note that every end user is responsible for the deletion of data on the old devices they are going to hand in for disposal.