Nov 12, 2019

Canyon officially approves a Range of Bike Models for Turbo Trainer Usage

Nov 12, 2019

The nights are getting longer, and the temperatures are dropping: this is the time of year when sessions on the turbo trainer become indispensable.

Canyon officially approves a Range of Bike Models for Turbo Trainer Usage // Photo:

It’s not hard to understand why every year, virtual indoor training is making huge strides in terms of popularity. And Canyon – a Zwift Academy partner and founder of the Canyon ZCC eRacing team – is one of the biggest supporters of this revolutionary new cycling discipline.

And now, there’s an important update for all Canyon fans and bike owners who want to get involved in indoor training. After recently increasing the scope of standard quality testing processes, Canyon have officially approved a significant number of bikes for turbo trainer usage. The approved bikes are all Aeroad, Ultimate, Endurace, Grail, Inflite, Speedmax, and Exceed models. There are only two conditions: the trainer must clamp on to the bike's rear axle, and required accessories supplied by the trainer's manufacturer (such as special axles) must be used.

Michael Kaiser, Canyon’s Head of R&D, regards this development as an important step in the right direction: “Indoor training is becoming increasingly important for competitive cyclists, and we want to take that into account with our bikes. We’ve designed and added a new test to our quality assurance processes to precisely simulate the stresses that using a turbo trainer puts on a bike’s frame.“

Since 2016, Canyon has been working with the Zwift Academy, from which they have already recruited three new riders for the CANYON//SRAM Racing women’s team: Leah Thorvillson (USA), Tanja Erath (GER) and most recently Ella Harris (UK). Furthermore, since its foundation in 2018, the Canyon ZCC pro eRacing team has been one of the most competitive outfits in the virtual peloton.

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