Canyon CLLCTV Collections

Whether you're hitting the trails or taking a break in the pits, you'll look and feel great in the same mountain bike clothing as our pro teams.

Canyon CLLCTV Collections

What is the Canyon CLLCTV?

Our worldwide community of mountain bikers are the heart and soul of the CLLCTV.
It's not just about races and winning (although we love that), it’s about each and every rider, no matter if your tyres roll on the dirt or the streets. It’s all MTB, it’s all CLLCTV, and it’s all awesome.
Join us.
CLLCTV XC Collection
CLLCTV XC Collection
High performance XC clothing
When you want to push your limits and look great doing it, our XC clothing is durable, close-fitting and designed with our Pro Sport Team riders and in partnership with Etxeondo in the Basque country.

CLLCTV Enduro Collection
CLLCTV Enduro Collection
On the trails or on the podium
Our range of Enduro clothing is stylish, snag resistant and flap free. So you can look great when you're taking the inside line or taking the EWS title.

Canyon CLLCTV GRVL collection
CLLCTV GRVL collection
Off road, no limits
Race gravel roads, trails and everything in between, in the same kit as the UCI Gravel World Series pro riders.

All products of category Canyon CLLCTV Collections

  • 23 items
  • Canyon CLLCTV Socks
  • Canyon CLLCTV Hoodie
    Award: Canyon CLLCTV Hoodie
  • Canyon CLLCTV T-Shirt
    Award: Canyon CLLCTV T-Shirt
  • Canyon CLLCTV Enduro MTB Jersey
  • Canyon CLLCTV Enduro Longsleeve MTB Jersey
  • Canyon CLLCTV Men's XCO Team Jersey
    • -28%
    You save ¥230
  • Canyon CLLCTV Sticker Set
    • Color: Black/White
  • Canyon CLLCTV Women's Hoodie
    Award: Canyon CLLCTV Women's Hoodie
  • Canyon CLLCTV Men's Hoodie
    • -27%
    Award: Canyon CLLCTV Men's Hoodie
    You save ¥100
  • Canyon CLLCTV Enduro Team Longsleeve Jersey
    • -50%
    • Color: Multi-coloured
    • Color: Blue
    You save ¥170
  • Canyon CLLCTV Team T-Shirt
    Award: Canyon CLLCTV Team T-Shirt
  • Canyon Rockshox Women's T-Shirt
    Award: Canyon Rockshox Women's T-Shirt
  • Canyon CLLCTV XCO Team Signature Pro Aero Jersey
    • -49%
    You save ¥470
  • Canyon CLLCTV XCO Team WMN Signature Pro Aero Jersey
    • -50%
    You save ¥170
  • Canyon CLLCTV T-Shirt
    Award: Canyon CLLCTV T-Shirt
    • Color: Black
    • Color: grey/black
    • Color: black/white
  • Canyon CLLCTV Snapback Cap 
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