More and more people are taking up cycling, as the e-bike is helping us move towards a more eco-friendly, car-free future. And with that little extra boost provided by electricity, you can head out on all kinds of exciting two-wheeled adventures that you might not have had the energy for before. So let’s make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the ride.


What accessories do I need for my E-bike?

The battery-powered cycling experience doesn’t differ much from regular cycling, and your conventional bike equipment's e-bike accessories are mostly the same. There are a few slight variations in the way the bike functions, and cyclists who are starting to ride e-bikes might find themselves capable of taking on greater adventures over longer distances or more demanding routes, bringing a few extra considerations. Let’s take a look at some of the essential kits.

Backup Battery

Perhaps the most important of all accessories for electric bikes is a second battery pack. When you’re halfway up a steep climb or far down a winding forest path, the last thing you want is to run out of juice and tackle the rest of the journey on your own steam just when you need a breather. Make sure you always have a spare battery in your bag, and you’ll always be covered in case of emergencies. That extra peace of mind will also make the journey much more enjoyable. If you’re noticing that you run out of power more often than you expected, then it might be worth reading through our guide to help increase the range of your battery.

Best e-bike accessories Essential E-bike Accessories

Bike Repair Kit

They might be ultra-modern machines, but electric bikes will likely run into problems like your traditional pushbike. Having a bike repair kit with you to fix any minor issues could save you lots of time and money, and it could be the difference between a great day out cycling and a frustrating walk back home. Find one with screwdrivers, wrenches of various sizes, lubricants, and, ideally, a small pump for your tyres. Cycling in winter will pose its specific challenges, and it might be worth looking at our guide to e-biking in winter for more info.


If you’re planning to cycle around the city, a mirror could be a lifesaving piece of e-bike equipment. You can never be too careful around cars on the road, particularly when you’re cornering or making those awkward transitions from designated bike lanes into the rest of the traffic. You can get yourself a mirror that will attach to your handlebars or your helmet. Speaking of which…


Another crucial e-bike accessory for safety is a helmet to protect you in collisions or any other accidents. It’s often a legal requirement to wear head protection on the roads, and it could well save your life. Modern bike helmets are designed to offer both streamlined style and sturdiness. They’re often made with solid carbon outer shells and injected with foam for extra cushioning and comfort. As you’re cycling at a higher speed with electric power behind you, it might also be worth picking out a helmet with a visor. This will protect your eyes from sunlight, wind, and insects.


Of course, your brand-new state-of-the-art e-bike is more likely to be a target for thieves than a regular bike, so you’ll need to step up your security measures. Pick out a high-quality mechanical lock with a GPS tracker to increase your chances of getting your bike back if it does go missing.

Best e-bike accessories Essential E-bike Accessories

Where to buy electric bike accessories

For all your e-bike essentials, Canyon is your one-stop-shop. We’ve got all the accessories you need to keep your electric bike running all year round, from your everyday safety and maintenance pieces to more advanced e-bike equipment. Take a look at what’s available now, and get ready for a new cycling experience.

Still unsure if the e-bike is for you? You could check out our guide to the pros and cons to help you decide. And if you choose to embrace the electric revolution, explore our e-bike buyer’s guide.

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