Canyon Pathlite AL 6.0
Pathlite AL 6.0
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Pathlite AL 6.0

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  • Color: Anvil Grey
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1,149.00 US$
989.00 US$
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Pathlite AL 6.0
Pathlite AL 6.0
  • Material
    Aluminium (AL)
  • Weight
    12.69 kg
  • Front Fork Travel
    75 mm

Pathlite AL 6.0 Get off road with the Pathlite 6.0! Fully-equipped with top-of-the-line mountain bike components and wide tyres, the Pathlite is the perfect tool to get you out of the city, off of the pavement and into nature.

Pathlite AL 6.0

Pathlite AL 6.0 Thanks to high-quality Shimano mountain bike components, off-road-ready Schwalbe tyres and Suntour’s 75 mm NRX-D fork, the Pathlite 6.0 will have you quickly and comfortably riding even the roughest of gravel roads. Powerful Shimano disc brakes guarantee superior control and complete a bike that is ready for whatever you throw its way.

Pathlite AL 6.0
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4.2 out of 5
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The highlights of this component set

Geared up with high-quality Shimano XT components, MT201 disc brakes, Suntour’s NRX-D fork and Schwalbe G-One Bite tyres, the Pathlite 6.0 is an exceptional and versatile off-road fitness bike.

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