Canyon Commuter 5.0
Commuter 5.0
Outlet // Hybrid / City Outlet

Commuter 5.0

  • Color: Petrol
Frame Size: XL
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Commuter 5.0
Commuter 5.0
  • Weight
    12.10 kg
  • Material
    Aluminium (AL)

Commuter 5.0 Set apart by its reliable, low-maintenance performance and striking minimalist design, the Commuter 5.0 will get you where you need to go. Details like the Dynamo-powered lights and friction-reducing Gates belt drive make your morning commute care-free and fun.

Commuter 5.0

Commuter 5.0 With its Shimano 8-speed internal-gear hub and Gates belt drive, the Commuter 5.0 will redefine how you ride through your city. From lights to fenders, every aspect of the bike works towards making your commuting experience simple and enjoyable, while hydraulic Shimano disc brakes and Schwalbe tyres guarantee total control no matter the conditions.

Commuter 5.0
Commuter 5.0

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Bike classification

Bikes of category 2 are suitable for well-maintained hard-surface roads where the wheels remain in permanent contact to the ground. These bikes are designed for urban mobility and thus mainly for participation in road traffic and use on public and permitted lanes. This category comprises urban, city and trekking bikes. The permissible maximum overall weight comprising rider, luggage and bicycle should not exceed 120 kg. Under certain circumstances this permissible maximum weight can be further limited by the component manufacturers’ recommendations for use.

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