Canyon Torque:ON
Canyon Torque:ON
Canyon Torque:ON
Canyon Torque:ON
Canyon Torque:ON


Throwing whips at the bike park or scoping burly lines in the backwoods, the Torque:ON range was made to shred trail, send jumps and bring you back to the top for more.

Canyon Torque:ON

No shuttle necessary

With 175 mm of hard charging rear travel, ultra-tough DH rated frames and burly 180 mm forks specced on all bikes, the Torque:ON e-MTBs are ready to lap the roughest trails and boost the biggest jumps.
Canyon Torque:ON CF
No shuttle necessary
Torque:ON CF
Bomb it on the downhill, throw shapes on the jump line, and cruise all the way back to top with the ultimate long travel e-MTB.
Canyon Torque:ON AL
Leave the lift line behind
Torque:ON AL
Stable at speed, agile getting airborne, and powered up for lap after lap of gravity riding.

Torque:ON CF 9
Torque:ON CF
The ultimate long travel e-MTB
  • Color: Stealth
  • Color: Bigger Bamboo
Torque:ON 7
Torque:ON AL
For the bike park and beyond
  • Color: Burned Sand


24.6 kg

The new carbon frame shaves 1.5 kg to keep handling agile despite the larger battery options.
23.3 kg

The super-tough AL frame and lightweight battery make the Torque:ON AL playful and capable.


Mullet wheels

29 front, 27.5 rear — combine outstanding rollover and traction up front with rear-end agility for sending it on the steeps.
27.5 wheels

Smaller, lighter and more manoeuvrable. A 27.5 setup delivers an ultra-playful ride feel on the trail.

Massive battery capacity

900 or 720 Wh

Whether you have a 900 Wh battery for maximum range or 720 Wh for lower weight, both exceed the 630 Wh industry standard and are ready for a full day of laps on the hill. Note: Size small frames only fit 720 Wh batteries.
504 Wh

A battery to keep things agile and the weight down but still provide plenty of power for party laps.
  • 4 items
  • Torque:ON CF Roczen
    • -11%
    • Color: Roczen 94
    Shimano Steps EP8 Motor, Rock Shox Zeb Ultimate RC2
    From 38.899 ZŁ
    43.799 ZŁ
    You save 4.900 ZŁ
    or from 6.483,17 ZŁ/Mo.
  • Torque:ON CF 9
    • -13%
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Bigger Bamboo
    Fox 38 Factory Grip2, Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    From 31.599 ZŁ
    36.499 ZŁ
    You save 4.900 ZŁ
    or from 5.266,50 ZŁ/Mo.
  • Torque:ON CF 8
    • Only available in L | XL
    • -16%
    • Color: Chainsaw Orange
    Fox 38 Performance Grip, Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    24.299 ZŁ
    29.199 ZŁ
    You save 4.900 ZŁ
    or from 4.049,83 ZŁ/Mo.
  • Torque:ON 7
    • -20%
    • Color: Burned Sand
    RockShox ZEB R, Shimano EP600
    19.499 ZŁ
    24.399 ZŁ
    You save 4.900 ZŁ
    or from 3.249,83 ZŁ/Mo.
Keep it clean

Keep it clean

Keep your seat tube protected and free from mud, leaves, snow and rocks with this easy to install, bespoke mudguard.
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