Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)

Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)

Meet our game changing steering technology and discover how it can make your next ride smoother, faster and more controlled.

Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)

What gets better with K.I.S.

K.I.S. brings a huge range of benefits to MTBers, helping the bike feel more predictable and more controllable both up and down the trail.

Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)

What is K.I.S. technology?

K.I.S. is a revolutionary steering system that we have integrated into selected Canyon bikes to increase control on the trail. Using a simple but ingenious configuration of pretensioned springs and high-strength bands, K.I.S. creates a carefully tuned centering force in the steering.
Take a closer look at how the system works below.

Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)
Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)
Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)
Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)
Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)

How K.I.S. works

How does this clever device deliver more control on the trail? Many of the benefits of K.I.S.stem from how it interacts with the bike's steering dynamics, particularly the trail force.
Trail exists on every bike and is a necessary part of enabling balance and control. As a bike begins to roll forwards, trail force pulls the front wheel straight, and this combined with the wheels’ gyroscopic effect creates relative stability.
So, if every bike’s steering is already stable and self centering, why do you need K.I.S.?
Well, mountain bikers often end up in situations and on terrain which upset the effect of trail and this natural stability. Discover how K.I.S. addresses some of these challenges below.

Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)

Fewer steering corrections. More focus.

Our testing shows K.I.S. reduces micro adjustments and unnecessary corrections on the trail by up to 30%. Meaning less energy wasted and faster, more precise riding.
With K.I.S. (pink line) there are fewer and less severe steering movements, compared to without K.I.S. (white line).
Patent information: Jo Klieber, Syntace K.I.S pat. pend. DE 10 2021 115 055.8, DE 10 2021 119 189.0, DE 10 2021 005 4653.5

Keep It Stable (K.I.S.)

Set up K.I.S.

This ‘set and forget’ technology is simple adjust. Check out our no nonsense set up guide to get the most from your K.I.S. system.

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