Calcetines de ciclismo | Mtb, carretera y gravel

Nuestra amplia colección de calcetines se adapta a cualquier estilo y época del año. Desde calcetines aerodinámicos para competir en carretera hasta calcetines de lana merino para invierno, tenemos opciones para todos los ciclistas.

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¿Qué hacen los calcetines de ciclismo?

Es posible que los nuevos aficionados cuestionen la necesidad de usar calcetines específicos para ciclismo. ¿Por qué no puedes ponerte calcetines normales para pedalear? Los calcetines para ciclismo están especialmente diseñados para montar en bicicleta. Incluyen diferentes e importantes características que los calcetines normales no tienen. Lo primero es que son más ajustados, cómodos y más traspirables. Permanecen en su sitio mientras pedaleas y su efecto compresivo ayuda a aumentar el rendimiento y mejorar la recuperación. Mientras pedaleas tus pies están en una posición fija, por eso no necesitas el acolchado de los calcetines de correr. Los tejidos con los que se fabrican son más densos, lo que significa que se adaptan mejor a la forma del pie aumentando la comodidad. Con tiempo cálido unos calcetines finos de ciclismo proporcionaran más traspirabilidad y en invierno unos calcetines específicos más gruesos te mantendrán caliente.

¿Cuáles son los mejores calcetines de ciclismo?

Como en otros productos específicos para ciclismo, los mejores calcetines para pedalear son los que mejor se adapten a tus pies y al tipo de ciclismo que más te guste. Busca calcetines de ciclismo que sean traspirables, compresivos y tengan la punta de los dedos y el talón reforzados para aumentar su durabilidad. Asegúrate de que son elásticos y compresivos para que no se muevan mientras pedaleas.

¿Cómo elegir unos calcetines para ciclismo?

Si estás planeando un viaje de ciclismo de carretera o un viaje a las montañas en verano lo mejor será llevar unos calcetines finos y transpirables de verano. Para pedalear en invierno unos calcetines gruesos de lana merino son una gran opción. Si lo tuyo son las montañas necesitarás un par de calcetines duraderos específicos para mtb. ¿Vas a participar en algún triatlón o contrarreloj? Busca unos calcetines aerodinámicos.

¿Cómo de altos deben ser unos calcetines de ciclismo?

¡Tú decides! La altura de los calcetines de ciclismo no suele influir en el rendimiento. Aunque es cierto que muchos ciclistas de carretera prefieren llevar calcetines de altura media, aproximadamente 3 o 4 cm por encima del tobillo. La decisión que hagas dependerá de como te sientas más cómodo y de tu criterio estético.

Cycling socks | MTB, road and gravel

Our large selection of cycling socks is tailored to suit every rider and weather condition. From lightweight and sleek road cycling socks to cozy and thick merino wool socks for winter, we have the perfect cycling socks for every need.

Ride like a pro with Canyon's premium cycling socks, suitable for all riding styles and weather conditions, without burning a hole in your pocket. Our socks are developed with inputs from professional athletes, ensuring optimal moisture management for maximum comfort throughout your ride.

What sets cycling socks apart from other sports socks?

Bike socks need to be lightweight, snug-fitting, and breathable. They don't require special padding, although some models may have reinforced toes and heels for added comfort and durability.

Why invest in good cycling socks?

As an essential part of cycling apparel, socks play an important role in the sport. They serve the following purposes:

  • Moisture-wicking technology ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable, preventing overheating or cooling.
  • Close-knit fabric is designed to fit snugly to your foot.
  • Flat seams and seamless toe tips ensure optimal fit in cycling shoes and all-day comfort even on the longest rides.
  • Antibacterial fibres that effectively prevent odour buildup.
  • Left-right specific socks guarantee a perfect fit.

We've designed our cycling socks in collaboration with well-known professional teams, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality, function, and design. And if you're looking to complete your look, you can choose from our range of team apparel with matching jerseys, cycling shorts, and helmets.

How do I choose the right cycling socks?

When it comes to choosing the right socks for your ride, it's important to consider two key factors: your riding style and the weather conditions.

  • Road cycling socks: On a road bike, speed is essential. That's why our road cycling socks are designed to be lightweight, thin, and sleek. The cuff is made of elastane, which fits snugly like a second skin, reducing air resistance and allowing you to ride faster and more efficiently.
  • Socks for mountain bikes, E-Bikes, gravel bikes or hybrid bikes: Off-road riders need sturdy socks with longer cuffs that protect ankles and shins from scratches. In combination wind- and waterproof materials, your feet will stay dry and warm even in the rain or when splashing through puddles.
  • Summer cycling socks: During the summer months, our feet tend to sweat more than usual. To ensure maximum comfort while riding, it's important to wear cycling socks that are thin and highly breathable. Cotton alone won't cut it, which is why our summer socks are made from a blend of high-performance fibres such as polyamide, elastane, or nylon. This advanced blend ensures that your feet stay cool and dry, even on the hottest of days.
  • Winter cycling socks: In cold temperatures, use socks that are both insulating and breathable, such as merino wool socks. These socks will keep your feet warm without causing them to overheat, allowing you to focus on your ride without any distractions.

Tip: Compression socks are a popular choice among cyclists, as they are designed to improve blood circulation and aid in recovery. These socks incorporate bands of less elastic material, which provide a gentle, yet firm pressure to the muscles in the lower leg. This pressure helps to increase blood flow, which can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

How do you know if bike socks fit well?

It's important for both men and women to choose cycling socks that fit comfortably without causing any discomfort. Whether you prefer road cycling or mountain biking, it's crucial that the socks fit snugly without cutting or squeezing your feet. When buying cycling socks, it's essential to get the right size, as shoe sizes can vary between brands. Keep in mind that shoe sizes are usually listed in increments, so be sure to check the sizing chart to find the perfect fit for your feet.

Buy cycling socks at Canyon

At our online store, we offer a vast selection of top-quality bike accessories from Canyon and other leading brands. Our range of cycling socks comes in various colours and styles to suit your preferences. We ensure that our cycling socks are of the highest quality to provide maximum comfort and durability during your rides. You can place your order with us today and enjoy fast and convenient delivery right to your doorstep.

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