Splitit - Interest-free instalments

How to order:
  • At checkout, select the ‘Interest-free instalments’ payment method.
  • Complete your order
  • You will be redirected to Splitit to set up your payment plan.

If your bike isn’t in stock you will receive a payment link about 14 days before shipping.

How payment works:
  • The first monthly payment is charged on your credit card when your order is shipped.
  • Splitit will authorize the full amount on your existing credit card (Visa/Mastercard), but only charge you the first installment up front.​ Please note debit cards are not valid for the Splitit payment option. Example below. Please ensure that your credit limit is sufficient, otherwise your order will not be successful.

    Debit vs. Credit Card

  • After every payment, the hold on your card is reduced until the purchase is fully paid. In case the re-authorization for the remaining balance doesn't go through, and there is no solution within the grace period of 7 days, the credit card will be automatically used to recover the full purchase amount. Splitit will inform you about any issues on the payment plan in a timely manner. Please also check your spam folder regularly.
  • Please note that when the new monthly authorization will be made from Splitit it might happen depending on the bank that double the amount needs to be available on your credit card. The old authorization will be canceled immediately after the new one is created.

The instalments appear on your statement as individual payments. Your order will be processed and delivered as normal upon passing our quality control check.

Please note that Splitit service is only available in English.

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