Brake Rotors

Whether you ride MTB, road or gravel, powerful bike disc brakes are vital. We have a wide range of disc brake rotors from top brands, including Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo and Swiss Stop, all designed to deliver silent, reliable braking.

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All products of category Brake Rotors

  • 39 items
  • Shimano RT-MT800 Brake Rotor 160mm
    From 339 DKK
  • SRAM Centerline XR Centerlock Brake Rotor 140mm
  • Shimano SM-RT70 Brake Rotor
    • Sale
    From 197 DKK
    199 DKK
    Save up to 2.00 DKK
  • Shimano Dura-Ace RT-CL900 Brake Rotor
    From 590 DKK
  • SRAM Paceline Centerlock Brake Rotor 140mm
    From 338 DKK
  • Shimano SM-RT86 Brake Rotor 203mm
    • -24%
    From 181 DKK
    239 DKK
    Save up to 58.00 DKK
  • Shimano RT-MT900 Brake Rotor
    From 479 DKK
  • SRAM G2 Cleansweep Brake Rotor
    From 315 DKK
  • Shimano SM-RT10 Brake Rotor
    From 59 DKK
  • Shimano Ultegra RT-CL800 Brake Rotor
    From 433 DKK
  • SRAM HS2 6-Bolt Brake Rotor 160mm
    From 315 DKK
  • Campagnolo AFS Center Lock Brake Rotor
  • Shimano SM-RT66 Brake Rotor 203mm
    • -30%
    118 DKK
    169 DKK
    Save up to 51.00 DKK
  • Shimano SM-RT54 Brake Rotor
    79 DKK
  • Shimano RT-EM300 Brake Rotor 203mm
    From 118 DKK
  • Shimano SM-RT30 Brake Rotor
    From 71 DKK
  • SRAM Centerline Rounded Centerlock 200mm Brake Rotor
  • Shimano SM-RT64 Brake Rotor
    From 197 DKK
  • Shimano RT-EM810 Brake Rotor
  • Campagnolo 03 AFS/Centerlock Brake Rotor
    • -29%
    From 252 DKK
    359 DKK
    Save up to 107 DKK
  • SRAM HS2 Centerlock Brake Rotor 180mm
    From 354 DKK
  • SRAM Centerline 6-Bolt 220mm Brake Rotor
  • Shimano RT-EM910 Brake Rotor
    From 708 DKK
  • SRAM Centerline X Rounded Brake Rotor
    From 511 DKK
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