Rallying technical World Cup singletrack or pounding washboard dirt at the Cape Epic, our lightest full suspension XC bike ever allows you to press home your advantage right from the gun. Smash climbs. Rail descents. Ride it like you stole it. The Lux gives you the speed you need to fly.

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Triple Phase Suspension

The Lux rides like it has a lot more than 100 mm of travel on tap thanks to our proven Triple Phase Suspension concept. Sensitive at the start of the stroke, stable through the middle and progressive at the end, take off down the trail where others get caught up.

More Space

Our new flat-mount shock configuration frees up space for that crucial second 800 ml water bottle for the toughest challenges where it pays to be self-sufficient.

Total linkage weight reduction
Rocker Weight Reduction
Lighter & Stronger Linkage

The incredibly sleek linkage on the Lux is 38% lighter than the previous design. Our most advanced flex pivot and bearing technologies mean we haven’t sacrificed any strength or durability in the process.


Less Heavy Metal

A wholesale reduction of metal components across the frame was enabled thanks to our expertise in composite material applications. Features like the 8.2 g chainstay protector and 4.6 g chain guide help contribute to an incredible 58% weight reduction for metal parts over the previous design.

Metal Parts weight reduction


Modern Race Geometry

Following in-line with our progressive Exceed hardtail, the Lux matches a longer reach with 80 mm stems across the size spectrum to balance stability at speeds and agility when it counts. Shorter 435 mm chainstays contribute to a playful ride and sharp handling through tight turns.


For quick adjustments or rear wheel removal, we developed Quixle, a lever that neatly integrates inside the axle so it’s out of harm’s way and out of sight when you ride, yet easy to access when you need it.

Cable Tubing

We’ve made it even simpler to carry out maintenance thanks to internal tubes that act as guides to swallow all lines, housing and all, and deliver them to where they are needed. Throw a new cable and housing in one end and they will pop right out at the other end – no fishing about required.

Impact Protection Unit

Our patented Impact Protection Unit provides an immediate visual indication of any damage sustained in a crash. Hollow screws are designed to break and absorb the force of the impact meaning after an incident, only the screws have to be replaced, not the frame.


Developing our own side-loading bottle cage was essential in order to fit two large 800 ml bottles. The Canyon Sideloader makes it fast and easy to access and replace bottles when on-the-go, while offering a secure hold so your hydration stays where it belongs.


The LUX series

Lux Family
Lux CF SLX 9.0 Race Team

Lux CF SLX 9.0 Race Team NEW


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Lux CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race

Lux CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race NEW


LUX CF SL 8.0 Race Team

LUX CF SL 8.0 Race Team NEW


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LUX CF SL 8.0 Pro Race

LUX CF SL 8.0 Pro Race NEW


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LUX CF SL 7.0 Race

LUX CF SL 7.0 Race NEW


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LUX CF SL 6.0 Pro Race

LUX CF SL 6.0 Pro Race NEW


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Lux CF SLX Frameset

Lux CF SLX Frameset NEW