Ultimate WMN
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Ultimate WMN

Lighter and more aerodynamic than our standard models, the Ultimate WMN was specially-designed for ambitious women cyclists. The custom frame and contact points set it apart to make it the finest choice in women’s road performance!


    Our flagship bikes and frames, built for, and proven by pro athletes of all cycling disciplines. Premium, ‘ultra high modulus’ carbon fibre frames. Performance driven components (such as carbon wheels and electronic shifting). Incredible weight and watt savings throughout.


    Everything we know about design distilled into an incredible bike collection. Carbon fibre frames with the ideal balance of weight and strength. Trusted, quality components.

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Ultimate WMN Comfort

Geometric comfort

You're probably better suited to a WMN frame if you experience neck and shoulder pain, even on a correctly sized unisex frame.

Riders who experience this discomfort typically have longer legs and shorter arms and torsos. So while technically the right height for a bike, their upperbody is overreaching.

The WMN geometry reduces this pressure with an alternative stack to reach value designed to reduce pressure and pain.

Ultimate WMN Aero

3% more aero

Applying slimmer profiles at key areas on the Ultimate WMN CF SLX, such as the down tube, drastically reduces frontal surface area for improved aerodynamics.

Added up, the Ultimate WMN CF SLX offers a 3% aerodynamic advantage over our unisex models. This approach proves our commitment to look beyond standard parameters to offer female riders better performance than ever before.