Why does the journey to work have to be a chore? It’s time for change. The days of practicality, style and performance being separate entities are over. This is our interpretation of the ultimate commuting bike, packed full of features and with a design that will turn heads on the street. From sleek integrated lights to full mudguard sets, the Commuter is ready for everything the city streets can throw at you, day or night, whatever the weather. Rediscover your city.

Commuter 6.0


The Commuter 6.0 unites performance and practicality like no other commuter bike before it. Our H27 bar and V13 stem combo gives you a wide range of adjustment for the control and comfort you need to cruise across the city. Got things to carry to where you’re going? Integrated luggage mounts take the load so you no longer need a backpack, while our innovative VCLS 2.0 split seatpost actively soaks up potholes and rough surfaces for the smoothest ride possible. Effective theft protection where it matters means your wheels and seatpost stay exactly where they belong.


Commuter 6.0
teaser urban riemen


With no rust to worry about, no oil to apply and durability that goes on forever, the Gates belt drive system reduces maintenance down to the minimum.

teaser urban kette


Shimano drivetrains are developed for mountain bikes making them tough enough for riding in the city. These groupsets deliver a broad gear range and shifting precision at all times.

Commuter 5.0


The perfect city bike has to be something you can hop on and ride or lock up and leave without a second thought. With the Commuter 5.0, everything you need is ready and waiting to go. Thanks to its sleek mudguards, you stay clean and dry, while its belt drive system means you can say goodbye to awkward chain marks on your clothes. Day or night, Supernova lights make sure you stand out in traffic and guide the way once the light fades for extra safety on city streets.


Commuter 5.0
teaser commuter lampe


Supernova LED front and rear lights integrated into the frame run at all times so you never have to worry about showing up on the road. 100% waterproof, the lights keep shining even at standstill for extra safety at junctions.

teaser commuter schutzbl 2


Thanks to IXOW theft protection your wheels and seatpost stay where they belong: on your bike. The innovative axle and seatpost clamp construction can only be adjusted by those in-the-know to keep thieves at bay.