Canyon // Gravel

Gravel Bikes

For racing, adventure, or getting around: gravel bikes let you cover road-bike distances on off-road terrain.

Canyon Grail:ON

The new Grail:ON

Our all-new e-gravel bike unites stable-yet-agile handling with a punchy, point-and-squirt high-power motor. Get a quick adventure fix on any terrain.
All-Road Bikes


For transport or fun, mix up your routine by combining asphalt with gravel, fire roads, and pavement. Ride everything.
Adventure Bikes


On single-day outings or week-long epics: travel light, travel fast, and travel far.
Bikepacking Bikes


Pack all your gear and go deep off-grid. True freedom. True independence.
Gravel Racing Bikes

Gravel racing

Fast racing on rough, gruelling, long off-road stages. High comfort, low weight, and aero optimisation make the difference.

Cycle to work with Green Commute Initiative

Save up to 47% with no upper price limit.

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Bike service direct from the experts

An annual inspection will prolong the lifespan of your bike and keep all major parts working perfectly.

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A search engine for expert local bike workshops. Hand-picked by Canyon. And customer reviews are included, so you know you can trust your mechanic. Includes E-bike servicing.

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