Canyon Sender


Meet the brand new Sender CFR, build for world cup dominance. And Sender AL, the trusted choice of freeriders.

Canyon Sender CFR

Brand new Sender CFR

A new, lighter carbon frame, 60% less pedal kickback and wheel size innovation for a faster, more controlled run.
Canyon Sender Aluminium

Sender AL

Gravity riding rig with adjustable geometry, bottomless, big-hit performance, and exceptional component spec.
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The downhill experts Sender FAQs

Canyon CFR

Introducing CFR

The Next Level of engineering, design, and intense athletic collaboration. The best bikes money can buy.
Canyon Downhill Gear

MTB Gear

Heavy duty helmets, pads and pedals. Get ready to shred.

Cycle to work with Green Commute Initiative

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Bike service direct from the experts

An annual inspection will prolong the lifespan of your bike and keep all major parts working perfectly.

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A search engine for expert local bike workshops. Hand-picked by Canyon. And customer reviews are included, so you know you can trust your mechanic. Includes E-bike servicing.

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