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Electric gravel bikes

With the extra power of an E-gravel bike get a quick adventure fix on any terrain.
Canyon E-Gravel Bikes

Meet the Grail:ON

Gravel bike handling high-power motor. Get off-grid and back again. Fast.
Canyon E-Gravel Bikes

Gravel gear

From spare batteries to chargers and commute friendly kit we’ve got everything for your electrified escape.
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  • Grail:ON CF 8
    • -13%
    Award: Grail:ON CF 8
    • Color: Cloud Grey
    • Color: Chestnut Orange
    Shimano GRX RX812 GS, DT Swiss HG 1800 Spline
    World Bike Day Sale - limited time only
    or from £141.82/Mo.
  • Grail:ON CF 7
    • -13%
    Award: Grail:ON CF 7
    • Color: Cloud Grey
    • Color: Discovery Blue
    • Color: Chestnut Orange
    • Color: Rosewood Red
    • Color: Proper Purple
    Shimano GRX RX812 GS, Bosch Performance Line CX
    World Bike Day Sale - limited time only
    or from £132.21/Mo.
  • Grail:ON CF 8 eTap
    • -11%
    Award: Grail:ON CF 8 eTap
    • Color: Cloud Grey
    • Color: Chestnut Orange
    DT Swiss HGC1400 Spline, SRAM Force eTap AXS 12s
    World Bike Day Sale - limited time only
    or from £169.03/Mo.
Canyon Grail CF SLX

Grail CF SLX

Our super-fast, race-ready, non-motorised gravel bike.
Canyon Gravel Racing Gear

Geared up for Gravel

From our Signature Pro kit to the lightest components, our gravel racing gear will keep you well ahead of the pack.
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Gravel bike service
Gravel bike service

Unboxing your new Grail

Gravel E-Bike

Looking for a bike that can handle any terrain? Discover versatile and fast gravel e-bikes at Canyon.

What sets a gravel e-bike apart?

Gravel e-bikes are thrilling bikes that blend features from various types of bicycles. They derive their off-road capacity from mountain and cyclocross bikes and come with wide tyres suitable for rugged terrain. Like hybrid bikes, they offer a comfortable ride on all surfaces. The sporty riding position of road bikes is also incorporated to ensure speedy cycling. Gravel e-bikes, with their electric motor and chain gear system, are perfect for bikepacking trips, extended weekend rides, and commuting.

What are the applications of a gravel e-bike?

With its long-lasting battery and built-in tailwind, a Gravel E-Bike is a highly versatile option. Let us show you how the motor enhances your riding experience:

The bike for every occasion

A gravel e-bike is a versatile bike that can transform your ride in a flash. Explore the countryside today with bicycle panniers and enjoy the streams, meadows, and forests. Then, switch gears and ride to work tomorrow with mudguards and lights for a safe and comfortable commute.

Extended rides and exploration

The gravel e-bike's moderate weight and added power make hill climbing a breeze, allowing you to cover more distance with less effort. With this advantage, you'll be able to explore new highlights that were once out of reach during your rides. The ability to easily switch surfaces lets you focus on the beautiful landscape and sounds around you.

Fast after-work rides

Riders of all disciplines escape the daily grind on their after-work rides. Thanks to the e-motor, you don't have to sacrifice speed after a tiring day. Let the scenery of your local route rush by you. Or join the fast group on club rides, leaving the stress of the day behind.

Ambitious bikepacking

The gravel bike's flagship discipline is bikepacking. Riders all over the world are drawn to spending several days and nights in the great outdoors. Without worrying about your fitness, choose particularly beautiful and challenging routes. Pack as much equipment as you like and don't lose any acceleration power with the e-drive.

Strengths of the Canyon Grail:ON

The geometry of the Grail:ON frame finds the compromise between a road bike and an off-road companion. This is achieved by the comfortable riding position, which is more upright than on the Grail. The frames cover sizes 2XS to 2XL with gradual increments. Our unisex gravel e-bike is suitable for women and men.

The battery and motor are powerful and enduring. With a total weight of well under 20 kilograms, the Grail:ON is one of the lightest gravel e-bikes. The low-mounted mid-motor provides straight-line stability on tarmac and gravel. In combination with the vibration-damping double-decker handlebars and disc brakes, you have more control on the bike. A long wheelbase gives the Grail:ON a balanced but playful feel. Tailored mudguards, lighting, and bikepacking bags complete your setup.

Buy Gravel E-Bike online at Canyon

If you want to take your rides to the next level, Canyon is the right place for you. In addition to many different bicycles such as road bikes, e-mountain bikes, or city bikes, you'll find suitable bike accessories. These include gravel bike helmets, cycling shoes, and cycling shorts in stylish colours, as well as bags and pannier racks.

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