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Electric Bikes

From sweat-free commuting to endless off-road adventure and rapid workouts, E-Bikes open up more riding opportunities to more riders. However you get your fix – go out and get more of it.



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What E-Bike do I need?
  • For singletrack junkies: the Spectral:ON is an E-Bike with true trail performance.
  • Planning your next off-road adventure? Go anywhere and do anything with the Neuron:ON.
  • A nimble, light fitness bike: eat up the asphalt with the Roadlite:ON.

How does an E-Bike work?

As you ride, the harder you pedal, the more power you get from the motor. Switch between 3 support levels, and get support up to the limit of 25 kph (15.5 mph).

Canyon's E-Bike motors

We use two types of motors, each with a different look and feel on the bike.

  • Minimal assist, found on the Fazua Evation

    More of a natural, non-motorised feel. Feels like your own power, rather than from a motor.

    Slimline drivepack can be integrated into the frame for an almost-invisible look.

    Smaller, lighter battery with 250 Wh capacity.

    See Roadlite:ON

  • High torque, found on Shimano Steps

    The motor provides significant external power. More of a 'supported power' feel, with more torque.

    Battery and motor system are larger and more powerful.

    Larger battery with 504 Wh capacity.

    See Neuron:ON

    See Spectral:ON

How do I charge my E-Bike?
  • Remove the battery in just a few seconds. Ideal if you live on the top floor.
  • Plug the battery in using the mains charger provided with your bike.
  • Charge for a few hours until full.
  • You can also simply charge your battery directly on the bike without removing the battery.

How do I build my Canyon E-Bike?

Your bike will arrive in the box in an almost-assembled state. You just need to attach the bars and front wheel.
Don’t worry if you have no mechanical skills, we provide all the tools and instructions you need to confidently build your bike.