Canyon H36 Aerocockpit

277.95 US$
The H36 Cockpit has been specially developed by Canyon and plays a central role in overall bike performance. With a sleek, integrated design, the focus is all on aerodynamics. 
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277.95 US$
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Product description

Featuring a minimally longer reach in comparison to the H11 Aerocockpit, the H36 offers a seamless transition between the bar tape and bar tops for lower frontal area fluctuation. The Aerocockpit CF is a part of the overall design aim of the Aeroad: to build a faster bike. The required mounting kit (top cap, wedge and aero spacers) for the H36 Cockpit is sold separately.

Product details


  • Category 1 integrated carbon stem and handlebar
  • Plays a central role in aerodynamic performance
  • The cockpit is flawlessly integrated with the rest of the frame
  • Minimal frontal surface area
  • Optimized form and configuration of the bar and stem
  • Full cable and wire integration (including specific recess for a Di2 Junction Box)
  • Seamless transition between bartape and bar tops for lower frontal area fluctuation
  • Modified Trident profile on the bar tops
  • Reduced bar width for a more compact and aerodynamic riding position in combination with our performance-oriented Pro Geometry
  • Acros headset features ultra-compact bearings to help keep the weight down


  • Material: Carbon
  • Model: H36-15
  • Category: 1
  • Dimensions: Length / Width
  • 90 mm / 390 mm
  • 100 mm / 390 mm
  • 100 mm / 410 mm
  • 110 mm / 410 mm
  • 120 mm / 410 mm
  • 120 mm / 430 mm
  • 130 mm / 430 mm


  • Includes: 1 x Canyon H36 Aerocockpit
  • Mounting Paste


  • Canyon


  • Carbon (CF)


  • 400 g



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