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Winners of Grand Tours and World Championships, holders of World Records - our road bikes set the standard.
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Canyon Speedmax
New Speedmax models available
The premier bike in triathlon
The Speedmax is back for more, with refreshed colours and advanced features.

LeBron James X Canyon
LeBron James X Canyon

Find Your Freedom

Riding a bike has always been a part of NBA star LeBron James’ life—from childhood till today—it’s freedom on two wheels.
Ultimate now in stock

Ultimate now in stock

Low weight, incredible comfort, top aerodynamics, cutting-edge integration: the most finely balanced road bike on the scene.
Signature Pro Collection

Signature Pro Collection

Free up your movement with high quality kit that fits like a second skin.
  • New Stock
  • Color: Black/Blue
Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8150, 12-speed, Mavic Cosmic SL 65 Disc CL Carbon
5,099 US$
  • 21 items
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    • Color: New Stealth
    Shimano Tiagra 4700 GS, DT Swiss Endurance LN
    1,249 US$
    1,299 US$
    You save 50 US$
    • Color: Black Snow
    • Color: Deep Red
    Shimano 105 R7100 12s, DT Swiss Performance LN
    2,149 US$
    2,349 US$
    You save 200 US$
    • Color: Slate
    • Color: Coconut
    • Color: Stealth
    Shimano 105 R7100 12s, DT Swiss Endurance LN
    2,349 US$
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    • Color: New Stealth
    Shimano 105 R7100 12s, DT Swiss Endurance LN
    1,599 US$
    • Color: CFR Stealth
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9250, 12-speed, DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut Mon Chasseral
    8,369 US$
    9,299 US$
    You save 930 US$
  • LeBron James X Canyon

    LeBron James X Canyon

    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Slate
    Shimano Tiagra 4700 GS, Fulcrum Racing 900 DB
    1,899 US$
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: True Blue
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    Shimano 105 R7000 GS, Fulcrum Racing 900 DB
    1,399 US$
    • Color: Alpecin Deceuninck Replica
    • Color: Jingle Green
    Shimano GRX RX820, DT Swiss Cross LN
    2,069 US$
    2,349 US$
    You save 280 US$
    • Color: Black Snow
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8150, 12-speed, DT Swiss ARC 1600 Dicut
    4,649 US$
    • Color: Grey In Grey
    • Color: Morello Red
    Shimano Ultegra R8000 SS, Shimano RS710
    3,749 US$
    • Color: Space Blue
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8150, 12-speed, DT Swiss ERC 1400 Dicut
    4,849 US$
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: True Blue
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    Shimano 105 R7000 GS, Fulcrum Racing 900
    1,249 US$
    • Color: CFR Signature
    CANYON CFR Track Disc Front
    18,549 US$
    • Color: Shadow Grey
    Alexrims CRD30 | Shimano MT410 SH12, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    1,119 US$
    1,399 US$
    You save 280 US$
    • Color: Blue
    Alex Rims CRD30 / Shimano TX505, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    899 US$
    1,149 US$
    You save 250 US$
    • Color: Light Grey
    Alex Rims CRD30 / Shimano TX505, Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    749 US$
    949 US$
    You save 200 US$
    • Color: Additive Grey
    • Color: Additive Pink
    Shimano GRX RX810 GS, DT Swiss C 1800 Spline db
    2,429 US$
    2,799 US$
    You save 370 US$
    • Color: Grey In Grey
    Shimano Ultegra R8000 SS, DT Swiss ARC 1600
    3,659 US$
    3,749 US$
    You save 90 US$
    • Color: Alpecin-Deceuninck Replica
    4,649 US$
  • 4,199 US$
    • Color: Gold Oranje
    Shimano RD-RX815, DT Swiss CRC 1400 Spline
    3,719 US$
    4,649 US$
    You save 930 US$

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What are the features of a road bike?

A road bike is the best option for fast rides on asphalt. Thoroughbred racing bikes with carbon or aluminium frames are lighter, faster and more aerodynamic than other bike types. Here’s an overview of a road bike’s typical features:

  • Frame made of ultra-light, comfortable carbon or durable, high-quality aluminium
  • Performance-oriented geometry for both smooth straight-line stability and winding descents
  • Lightweight components from your preferred manufacturer
  • Electronic and mechanical gears for precise and smooth gear changes
  • Aerodynamic deep-section rims
  • Stable, stiff and lightweight wheels
  • All-weather disc brakes or maintenance-friendly rim brakes
  • Drop handlebars for a variety of riding and hand positions
  • Optimum combination of two chainrings at the front and up to twelve sprockets at the rear for a gear range that is suitable for both climbing mountain passes and steady cruising on the flats.

Why is a road bike the right choice for you?

Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or professional: Canyon road bikes offer you uncompromising riding. Escape everyday life and enjoy the unmatched feeling of rolling over smooth tarmac. Be at one with your bike. For the best riding experience, you should match the size of the frame to your body measurements. It only takes a few clicks with the Canyon Perfect Positioning System.

Advantages of road bikes

Carbon road bike frames are super stiff. With Canyon’s modern race bikes, you can cover long distances quickly and easily. Discover previously unknown places that you thought were out of your reach. Cycling is a sport you can enjoy throughout your whole life, from young to old. Even in later life, you can challenge yourself on Alpine passes and explore new areas on a road bike.

Area of ​​use: tarmac climbs, mountain passes and bike paths

Road bikes are ideal for riding on roads and cycle paths. At just a few kilograms in weight, you’ll soon feel the speed and lightness on mountainous and hilly routes. For rough off-road trails, pick a mountain bike. And on gravel tracks, gravel bikes offer the best combination of speed and grip.

Electric road bike: lots of speed, little effort

Electric road bikes are largely similar to their non-motorised counterparts in terms of gearing, frame height and other criteria. The key difference is they have a motor. Our electric road bikes Endurace:ON and Roadlite:ON are e-bikes for speed enthusiasts. Concentrate on your surroundings and enjoy the landscape flying by.

A wide variety: Canyon’s road bike range

Whether you are a beginner, amateur athlete or seasoned racer – at Canyon you have the choice between these racing bikes:

Buy a road bike online

A bicycle needs high-quality components. For us, that goes without saying. Buying a road bike from Canyon means saving big money by cutting out the middleman. We offer flexible financing options, on-demand help and support from our customer service centre, generous returns options and convenient delivery to your door.

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