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On long-distance epics, marathon rides, and multi-day tours, endurance riders seek adventure, on and off road. Together with friends, they spend long days in the saddle, fully enjoying the freedom that only a bike ride can bring.


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Uniting comfort, control and speed, our endurance bikes set themselves apart with their smooth handling and excellent vibration dampening. Thanks to a more relaxed riding position and a range of features for greater comfort and control, you'll always feel fresh in the saddle, and ready to take on every climb and descent you find.

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Awards // Endurance

Endurace CF SLX Disc

The Design and Innovation Award honours the bike industry's best and most innovative products – recognising potential, and directing trends in the right direction. Its mission: to inspire, improve the experience of cycling, and shape global cycling trends.

The panel of judges stated: "The Endurace CF SLX Disc is the blueprint for a new generation of road bikes, and delivers everything the modern road cyclist demands: it's fast, versatile, and (extremely) comfortable."

  • 1st place – RennRad magazine's 'Best Bike Award' reader poll
  • 1st place – RennRad magazine reader poll, Gold Award for comfort

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