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Adventure bikes

Pack all your gear and go deep off-grid. True freedom.

Canyon Adventure Bikes

What is adventure riding?

Go into the wild, explore new trails and carry everything you need on your bike.

That’s adventure riding.

Whether you’re going for an all-day epic, finding new trails or sleeping under the stars, our adventure bikes are designed to get you away from it all.

Canyon Grizl

Grizl, wildlife explorer

Here in the great outdoors, if you’re patient and lucky you might just see a Grizl in its natural habitat.

Loose tracks, forest paths and mountain trails give this majestic creature the wild space it needs to explore. Occasionally venturing into more built up areas for snacks and refreshment.
Canyon Grizl Trail
Grizl Trail: Smooth mover
Add some cushion to your pushin’ with the Grizl Trail.

Perfect for rougher trails keeping you in control and smoothing out the worst of the hits.
  • 12 items
  • Grizl 8 RAW Ekar 1by
    • Only available in 2XL
    • New
    • Color: Earl Grey
    Campagnolo Ekar, 13-speed, Fulcrum Rapid Red
    2,149 US$
    • Color: Hazy Spray
    DT Swiss GRC1400 Spline db, Campagnolo Ekar, 13-speed
    4,299 US$
  • Grizl CF SL 8 Trail
    • -6%
    • Color: Smoked Oolong
    Shimano GRX RX812 GS, DT Swiss G1800 Spline
    2,809 US$
    2,999 US$
    You save 190 US$
  • Grizl CF SL 8 1by Ekar
    • -5%
    • Color: Dried Kelp
    • Color: Sencha Burst
    Campagnolo Ekar, 13-speed, Fulcrum Rapid Red
    3,059 US$
    3,249 US$
    You save 190 US$
  • Grizl 7 1by
    • Only available in XL | 2XL
    • Color: Earl Grey
    Shimano GRX RX812 GS, DT Swiss Gravel LN
    1,699 US$
  • Grizl CF SLX 8 Di2
    • Only available in 2XS | XS
    • Color: Flat White
    Shimano GRX Di2 RX815 GS, DT Swiss GRC1400 Spline db
    4,649 US$
    • Color: Sencha
    • Color: Hazy IPA
    Campagnolo Ekar, 13-speed, Fulcrum Rapid Red
    2,349 US$
  • Grizl CF SL 8 1by
    • Only available in M
    • Color: Sencha Burst
    Shimano GRX RX812 GS, DT Swiss G1800 Spline
    2,799 US$
  • Grizl 8 1by
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Sencha
    Shimano GRX RX812 GS, DT Swiss G1800 Spline
    1,899 US$
  • Grizl 7
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Grape
    Shimano GRX RX810 GS, DT Swiss Gravel LN
    1,699 US$
  • Grizl CF SLX Frameset
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Paint by Numbers
    1,899 US$
  • Grizl CF SL 7
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Curry Powder
    DT Swiss C 1850 Spline db, Shimano GRX RX810 GS
    2,149 US$
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Bikepacking gear

Our collection of bags, clothing and accessories lets you travel light while staying comfortable and ready for anything.

Canyon Adventure Collection

Adventure collection

Our adventure clothing not only looks good, it's comfortable, unobstrusive and hard-wearing, so all your focus is on the ride.
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