Bicicletas MTB Carbono

Bicicletas MTB Carbono

Lightweight, stable and fast. A carbon mountain bike is well-equipped for your next adventure. Whether flowing trails or tight berms, this light material helps you increase your performance. Find out the advantages of carbon and the right Canyon carbon MTB for you

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    • Color: Race Green
    • Color: Sandstone Fire
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 32 Step-Cast Performance Elite Remote
    2,429 US$
    2,799 US$
    Ahorras 370 US$
    • Color: Chrome Level 1
    • Color: Mirage Blue
    Shimano Deore M6100, FOX 34 Stepcast Performance 3-Pos Remote
    2,719 US$
    3,099 US$
    Ahorras 380 US$
    • Color: MVDP
    Shimano Deore XTR de 12 velocidades, FOX 32 Step-Cast Factory Remote
    3,719 US$
    4,649 US$
    Ahorras 930 US$
  • Canyon Grand Canyon 6

    Grand Canyon 6

    Diversión en los senderos. Libertad en estado puro.
    • Color: CLLCTV Grey
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS, RockShox Lyrik Select+ RC
    3,079 US$
    4,299 US$
    Ahorras 1,220 US$
    • Color: Vermillion 1
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, Fox Factory 32 Step Cast Remote
    4,649 US$
    5,099 US$
    Ahorras 450 US$
  • Buscador MTB

    Buscador MTB

    Te ayudaremos a encontrar en un instante la MTB de tus sueños.
    • Color: Burnt Orange
    Shimano Deore XTR de 12 velocidades, FOX 34 Stepcast Factory Remote
    5,569 US$
    6,499 US$
    Ahorras 930 US$
    • Color: Underdog Black
    • Color: CLLCTV Team
    SRAM X01 DH, RockShox BoXXer Ultimate
    4,669 US$
    5,599 US$
    Ahorras 930 US$
    • Color: Chrome Level 1
    • Color: Mirage Blue
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, Rock Shox SID Select+ Remote
    4,649 US$
    5,299 US$
    Ahorras 650 US$
    • Color: Sandstone Fire
    SRAM SX Eagle, RockShox Recon RL Remote
    1,249 US$
    1,499 US$
    Ahorras 250 US$
    • Color: CLLCTV
    SRAM XX SL Eagle AXS Transmission, RockShox SID SL Ultimate Flight Attendant
    8,799 US$
    • Color: Summit Silver
    • Color: Rock Red
    Shimano SLX de 12 velocidades, FOX 34 Float Performance GRIP
    2,799 US$
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Barely Olive
    Shimano SLX de 12 velocidades, FOX 36 Rhythm Grip
    3,149 US$
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: No Neon
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, RockShox Lyrik Ultimate
    4,649 US$
    • Color: Chrome Level 1
    • Color: Late Sunset
    • Color: Mirage Blue
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 34 SC Performance Elite
    4,399 US$
    • Color: XCObalt
    • Color: Podium Black
    • Color: MTB Racing Team
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 32 Step-Cast Performance Elite Remote
    3,749 US$
    • Color: Summit Silver
    • Color: Lake Blue
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 34 Float Performance Elite FIT4
    3,749 US$
    • Color: Moss Green
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 34 Float Factory FIT4
    4,649 US$
    • Color: Ag 47
    • Color: Chainsaw Orange
    • Color: Stealth
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 38 Performance Elite
    4,299 US$
    • Color: CFR Green
    • Color: Underdog Black
    SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 38 Factory
    5,599 US$
    • Color: Race Black
    Shimano Deore M6100, RockShox Recon RL Remote
    2,349 US$
    • Color: Race Black
    Shimano Deore M6100, RockShox Recon RL Remote
    1,499 US$
    • Color: Underdog Black
    • Color: Troy Lee
    SRAM GX DH 7s, FOX 40 Performance Elite Grip
    3,729 US$
    4,199 US$
    Ahorras 470 US$

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What advantages does a carbon mountain bike offer?

Carbon frames offer engineers and designers many opportunities for optimisation. You can design the frame with customised tube shapes for increased stiffness where it’s needed most. The frames are low in weight but precise in their flexibility and stiffness. As a result, mountain bikes with carbon frames feel lighter, faster and more direct than aluminium frames. The technology is also superior to aluminium in terms of stability. Carbon mountain bikes will help to increase your riding performance on the bike.

Advantages of carbon components and carbon frames:

  • Stability and weight
  • Flexibility in the design of components and frames
  • Greater rigidity ensures a more direct handling
  • Good handling in corners and at high speed
  • More liveliness and explosive power transmission
  • Manufacturers can lay up the carbon fibres in a variety of ways. This results in increased flexibility of the material. This allows Canyon to optimise the frames for different purposes.

    What actually is carbon?

    Components and frames made carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), or carbon for short, are the result of a series of production steps.

    During production, the black fibres made of almost pure carbon are laid out into a mould. At this point, the fibres look like a sheet of fabric. Some areas may be reinforced with several layers of fibres on top of each other. This ensures stability in a heavily loaded, thin-walled areas of the bike. The weave direction of the fibres also plays a crucial role. This is where individual tensile strength, rigidity or more flexibility are created. The fibres are then cured with resin.

    Carbon frames and components can be freely configured in terms of design. What you see at the end are the woven fibre layers of the components most of which are sealed with paint.

    Carbon vs Aluminium

    Carbon is lighter than aluminium alloys. For climbs and speed on flat terrain, this is an undeniable advantage. You’re fighting less drag on a carbon bike due to less gravitational force.

    Aluminium frames are less complicated to manufacture than carbon frames. The tubes are available with different wall thicknesses. Aluminium MTBs are cheaper than a carbon bike of the same specification.

    In terms of maximum rigidity, carbon is superior to aluminium alloys. A carbon bike is more stable and can react more directly to your power than an aluminium bike. Stiffness can affect comfort on tough trails or big jumps. Well-manufactured carbon frames, such as those from Canyon, offer more comfort than an aluminium frame thanks to sufficient flex. This advantage is particularly important with hardtails.

    Another important difference between the two materials (aluminium and carbon) is their durability. Carbon ages more slowly than aluminium. Overall, carbon is superior in stability. In rare cases, extreme pressure loads can damage the frame. With the Canyon Replacement Service, you can replace a damages carbon frame easily at a reduced cost.

    Hardtail vs full-suspension: is carbon worth it?

    Are you interested in realising your potential on a carbon bike? Are you looking for a sporty riding style over land, reaching maximum speeds and training hard?

    Then carbon XC full-suspension bikes like the super light cross-country race bike Lux World Cup and the agile down-country Lux Trail are the right choice.

    Full-suspension chassis in combination with carbon have two decisive advantages: more stability and traction as well as more comfort to stay fit on long cross-country distances and marathons.

    If you strive for maximum speed, the Exceed mountain bikes offer everything you need. With 29 inch wheels and the low weight of just 8.9 kilograms, you can achieve your best performance and experience ultimate riding fun.

    Carbon brings advantages for hardtails and full-suspension bikes. You’ll have more speed and fun on difficult terrain.

    How does carbon affect the different mountain bike categories?

  • Enduro mountain bike: The carbon frame makes full-suspension enduro mountain bikes light on the ascent and more agile and manoeuvrable on the descent. The Spectral CFR is particularly handy in this discipline due to its lightweight, high-modulus carbon fibres.
  • Trail bikes: trail mountain bikes benefit from a light, robust and durable carbon frame whether you’re on your home trails or taking on bigger mountains. This bring confidence for beginners and experienced trail riders alike.
  • Cross-country: the racing genes of our carbon frames bring more speed, more rigidity and more direct handling in the cross-country scene. Every gram of weight savings makes a massive difference to your speed.
  • Downhill bikes: For downhillers with carbon frames like our Torque, we were able to optimise the carbon fibre layup in key areas. The result is an ideal balance of low weight and high stiffness.
  • Electric MTB: with an electric mountain bike, carbon reduces the overall weight and brings the geometry closer to a traditional bike. Our Spectral:ON is an agile, playful and stable bike. You can achieve more range and more dynamic handling with an active riding style.
  • Buy a carbon mountain bike online

    The stiff carbon frame is optimised for every purpose. It offers stability and excellent riding experience with its weight advantages. This means you’ll have more liveliness, more explosive power and lightness in the berms and flowing singletrack.

    You can find the right size frame for your carbon mountain bike on the product pages for your preferred bike. Canyon’s Perfect Positioning System helps you to find you optimal frame size in two steps before you order online from us.

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