Bicicleta de carretera aluminio

Bicicleta de carretera aluminio

Whether you’re a beginner or year-round enthusiast, an aluminium road bike is the right choice. The light metal frame means a reliable road bike for years to come.

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    • Color: Olympic Blue
    Alex Rims CRD30 / Shimano TX505, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    949 US$
    1,149 US$
    Ahorras 200 US$
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    • Color: New Stealth
    Shimano 105 R7100 12s, DT Swiss Endurance LN
    1,599 US$
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    • Color: New Stealth
    Shimano Tiagra 4700 GS, DT Swiss Endurance LN
    1,299 US$
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: True Blue
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    Shimano 105 R7000 GS, Fulcrum Racing 900 DB
    1,399 US$
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: True Blue
    • Color: Cold Cactus
    Shimano 105 R7000 GS, Fulcrum Racing 900
    1,249 US$
    • Color: Shadow Grey
    Alexrims CRD30 | Buje Shimano MT410 12 velocidades, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    1,399 US$
    • Color: Light Grey
    Alex Rims CRD30 / Shimano TX505, Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    949 US$

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Las bicicletas de gravel son algo así como los caballos de trabajo de las bicicletas modernas. Sin embargo las bicicletas de carretera, con sus diseños ligeros y aerodinámicos, están fabricadas para conseguir la máxima precisión y velocidad en carretera. Aunque se parecen, son muy diferentes. Una bicicleta de gravel puede rodar por donde una de carretera no puede. Y aunque su versatilidad sobre diferentes terrenos la convierte en una opción muy atractiva, no puede sustituir la velocidad y el rendimiento de una bicicleta de carretera.
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La presión de las ruedas es un factor importante a la hora de determinar lo rápido, cómodo, seguro y estable que te sientes en tu bicicleta de carretera. Nuestra guía te ayudará a llevar siempre la presión correcta.
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Who are aluminium road bikes suitable for?

While road bikes used to be made of steel, most bikes today are made of aluminium or carbon. Aluminium racing bikes are suitable for sporty riding and are an inexpensive alternative to carbon road bikes. They’re perfect for beginners looking to get their first road bike. Advanced hobby cyclists who are looking for high quality at a good price will find what they are looking for in a lightweight aluminium road bike.

Aluminium and carbon compared

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminium

Aluminium road bikes have an excellent price to performance ratio. The material is of high quality and available at reasonable prices. In addition, aluminium is almost corrosion-free. With good care, an aluminium frame does not rust. Coupled with its durability, aluminium is a reliable and durable material.

Aluminium is heavier than carbon but lighter than steel. Aluminium road bikes are not cumbersome in their handling and are less stiff than carbon. Depending on your riding style, this can be a pro or a con.

Pros and cons of carbon

Carbon can be shaped freely into a mould and offers frame designers freedom to optimise the bike down to the last millimetre. Since carbon is very light, aerodynamic racing bikes are often made of this material. Carbon road bikes are standard among the pro peloton.

The decisive advantage for most hobby cyclists is the high price. Because they are more complex to manufacture, carbon road bikes are considered a high-end product. The high rigidity makes carbon a relatively sensitive material. If a carbon frame is damaged, you should dispose of it, as it can break under certain circumstances.

Which material is right for you?

The material that is suitable for your road bike depends on your requirements and goals. Would you like to reach top speeds on asphalt or compete in hotly contested competitions? Then carbon will be the best choice. The light frame is advantageous on climbs. On the flat, you benefit from the aerodynamic tube shapes and optimised stiffness. This is why carbon wheels are predominantly used in competitive racing.

If you do cycling as a hobby and are looking for a solid, light and inexpensive bike, you can’t go wrong with an aluminium road bike. IT offers you a dynamic riding experience that is typical for road bikes, yet it remains affordable and stable.

Who benefits from an electric road bike?

An electric road bike is suitable for beginners and athletes who want to train with advanced riders without slowing them down. With the additional aid, many people manage to get (back) into the sport this way. Ultimately, anyone who wants to enjoy cycling effortlessly and at high speed will benefit from an electric road bike.

Canyon endurance bikes

Developers have designed aero bikes, race bikes und triathlon bikes for maximum performance in competition. Endurance road bikes are suitable for long bike rides. The geometry is not just aimed at aerodynamics but also a comfortable seating position. This makes endurance bikes perfect for anyone who values ensurance and is looking for an ambitious balance to everyday life.

Die Canyon's Endurace models offer you various road bikes for men and women. Choose what you need: the right frame size, rim or disc brakes, SRAM or Shimano groupset. The endurance leaves no stone unturned. Whether you’re training ambitiously for a long-distance bike ride or enjoy weekend rides with friends, the Endurace is a great choice.

Buy an aluminium road bike online

Buying a bike online offers many advantages. Since we do not have any intermediaries, we can offer high quality and a great price to performance ratio. Our first-class service delivers your new bike directly to your home and we’re always available to answer any questions you have. You can enjoy flexible payment options and be out riding in no time at all.

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