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  • Canyon 3-in-1 Minitool
    96.95 AU$
  • Canyon Bikestand
    • Color: Black
    89.95 AU$
  • Canyon Tire Lever
    • Color: Black
    7.95 AU$
  • Canyon Minitool
    • Color: Silver
    29.95 AU$
  • Topeak Micro Rocket Carbon Pump
    52.95 AU$
  • Canyon CO₂ Inflator
    14.95 AU$
  • Canyon FIX 6+1​ Minitoolholder
  • Canyon Tool Capsule
    23.95 AU$
  • Canyon Pro Tire Lever
    • -46%
    7.95 AU$
    14.95 AU$
    You save 7 AU$
  • Canyon FIX Minitool 6+1
    25.95 AU$
  • Canyon Tube Repair Kit
    7.95 AU$
  • Canyon 2-in-1 Minitool
    59.95 AU$
  • Canyon Neuron CF Protection Foil Set
  • Topeak JoeBlow Sprint Floor Pump
    79.95 AU$
  • Topeak RaceRocket MT Minipump
    44.95 AU$
  • Canyon CLLCTV Sticker Set
    • Color: Black/White
    22.95 AU$
  • Canyon Lux World Cup Protection Foil Set
    • -68%
    27.95 AU$
    89.95 AU$
    You save 62 AU$
  • Dynamic Bio Drivetrain Detox Cleaner
  • Canyon Neuron AL Protection Foil Set
  • Canyon GP7031-01 Protection Foil
    14.95 AU$
  • Canyon GP7210-01 Protection foils
  • Dynamic Slick Wax
  • Dynamic Bio Filth Fighter Bike Cleaner
  • Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro

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