Men's bicycles

Men's bicycles

Looking for the perfect men's bicycle? Discover our wide selection of bikes designed specifically for men, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and more. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, we have the right men’s bike to fit your needs and budget. Shop now and start your cycling adventure today!

  • 171 items
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Barely Olive
    Shimano SLX M7100, FOX 36 Rhythm Grip
    5,249 AU$
    or from 874.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: No Neon
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, RockShox Lyrik Ultimate
    7,649 AU$
    or from 1,274.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Funkturm Grey
    • Color: Dark Honey
    Shimano Deore M6100, FOX 36 Rhythm Grip
    4,199 AU$
    or from 699.83 AU$/Mo.
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    MTB finder

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    • Color: Chrome Level 1
    • Color: Late Sunset
    • Color: Mirage Blue
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 34 SC Performance Elite
    7,199 AU$
    or from 1,199.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Vermillion 1
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 32 Step-Cast Factory Remote
    7,649 AU$
    8,399 AU$
    You save 750 AU$
    or from 1,274.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: XCObalt
    • Color: Podium Black
    • Color: MTB Racing Team
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 32 Step-Cast Performance Elite Remote
    6,149 AU$
    or from 1,024.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Race Green
    • Color: Sandstone Fire
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 32 Step-Cast Performance Elite Remote
    4,029 AU$
    4,649 AU$
    You save 620 AU$
    or from 671.50 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: MVDP
    Shimano XTR, 12-speed, FOX 32 Step-Cast Factory Remote
    6,119 AU$
    7,649 AU$
    You save 1,530 AU$
    or from 1,019.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Sandstone Fire
    SRAM SX Eagle, RockShox Recon RL Remote
    2,499 AU$
    or from 416.50 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Summit Silver
    • Color: Rock Red
    Shimano SLX M7100, FOX 34 Float Performance GRIP
    4,649 AU$
    or from 774.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Summit Silver
    • Color: Lake Blue
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 34 Float Performance Elite FIT4
    6,149 AU$
    or from 1,024.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Moss Green
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 34 Float Factory FIT4
    7,649 AU$
    or from 1,274.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Nowhere Black
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 34 Float Performance GRIP
    4,649 AU$
    or from 774.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Ag 47
    • Color: Chainsaw Orange
    • Color: Stealth
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 38 Performance Elite
    7,049 AU$
    or from 1,174.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: CFR Green
    • Color: Underdog Black
    SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 38 Factory
    9,149 AU$
    or from 1,524.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Blueberry Skins
    SRAM Force XPLR eTap AXS, Reynolds ATR
    7,649 AU$
    or from 1,274.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Pale Green
    • Color: Dark Blue
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8150, 12-speed, DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut
    8,399 AU$
    9,149 AU$
    You save 750 AU$
    or from 1,399.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: CFR Stealth
    • Color: Alpecin-Deceuninck Replica
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9250, 12-speed, DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut
    14,349 AU$
    or from 2,391.50 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Oregano
    • Color: Dried Tomato
    Shimano GRX RX822 12s, DT Swiss G1800 Spline
    4,649 AU$
    or from 774.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Stone Grind
    • Color: Quicksand
    Shimano GRX RX820, DT Swiss Gravel LN
    4,199 AU$
    or from 699.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Black Snow
    • Color: Deep Red
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS, DT Swiss Performance LN
    5,249 AU$
    5,699 AU$
    You save 450 AU$
    or from 874.83 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Alpecin-Deceuninck Replica
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9250, 12-speed, DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut db
    14,049 AU$
    15,099 AU$
    You save 1,050 AU$
    or from 2,341.50 AU$/Mo.
    • Color: Underdog Black
    • Color: Troy Lee
    SRAM GX DH 7s, FOX 40 Performance Elite Grip
    6,899 AU$
    or from 1,149.83 AU$/Mo.

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What distinguishes a men's bicycle and who is it suitable for?

A classic bicycle for men is easily recognised by its diamond-shaped frame with a top tube that runs horizontally. This design creates a triangular frame that provides the ideal balance of stiffness, weight, and strength, making it highly durable and capable of bearing heavy loads. Our Canyon range offers a variety of men's bikes designed to meet the highest demands, with equipment options that cater to specific terrain or everyday use.

We have taken special care to dimension the frame height and geometry of our men's bikes separately, so all you need to do is measure your height and inseam and use our Perfect Positioning System to find your ideal bike. We offer bikes in frame sizes ranging from XS to XL to meet your individual requirements. You can also choose from a range of wheel sizes, including 27.5 inches, 28 inches, or 29 inches, depending on your intended use and riding style.

What should you look for when buying a men's bike?

The ideal type of men's bicycle for you depends on your unique needs and preferences. If you need a bike for daily commutes through the city, we offer fast and agile city bikes that can easily navigate through traffic. For weekend rides or longer trips with luggage, our well-equipped touring bikes are the best option. These bikes come with pannier racks, mudguards, and road-legal bike lights. Choose between precise chain or hub gears for accurate gear changes at any speed.

If you're into sports and seeking a high-performance ride, a road bike is the ultimate choice for you. On the other hand, our top-of-the-range mountain bikes are designed to handle even the toughest terrain and obstacles, making them perfect for off-road adventures. For a versatile option that can tackle various terrains such as bike paths, paved roads, gravel tracks, and light terrain, the gravel bike is the way to go. With varying equipment, geometry, tyre size, and width, it can adapt to any use case. And if you prefer an e-bike, all our men's bikes are available in electric versions as well.

Can only men ride a men's bike?

All our bicycles are suitable for men and women, without gender-specific design requirements. Although women's bikes may have a narrower handlebar and wider saddle compared to men's bikes, the geometry of our bikes does not cater to any specific gender. Some bikes marketed as women's bikes, such as step-through bikes, have a trapezoidal-shaped frame without a straight top tube. However, men can enjoy the comfort of a step-through frame design as well.

What are the advantages of bicycles for men?

Our men's bikes provide the best possible riding experience with top-notch features, whether you prefer an electric or traditional bike. We have many different types of bikes for you to choose from, so you can enjoy your ride no matter where you go. Whether you're taking a leisurely trip through some beautiful scenery or going on an exciting adventure through tough terrain, we've got you covered. Depending on the model men’s bikes from Canyon offer you various advantages like:

Premium comfort on all routes

  • Optional suspension, stable front suspension with a large travel range ensures a smooth ride both on and off-road
  • Excellent performance on all types of terrain
  • Efficient propulsion and low rolling resistance, whether powered manually or by a motor
  • Comfortable seating position with adjustable seat angle and flat handlebars

Balance of stiffness and stability

  • Latest frame geometry and high-end materials
  • Ideal balance of a rigid frame, weight, and agility
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity

Reliable and low-maintenance

  • Extremely corrosion-resistant and durable
  • Bicycle frames made of carbon or aluminium
  • Internal cable routing for protection against dirt and corrosion
  • Easy charging of e-bike batteries

Ideal for riders of all heights

  • Balanced geometry for a relaxed and ergonomic body position for larger riders
  • Optimal, unobstructed view with an upright riding position
  • Low-entry and trapeze frame options available for men
  • Equally suitable for women and smaller bikers thanks to many sizing options

How do you find the perfect men's bike for your needs?

All types of bicycles for men are designed for different uses. To ensure that the features and riding characteristics are perfect for you, you can select the equipment and functionality individually:

What's the best men's bike for getting around the city?

If you want to move around quickly and stay active in busy streets, a city bike or fitness bike is a good option. You'll feel very agile with the sporty performance of the Canyon Roadlite or Commuter. To make sure you're visible in dense traffic, they come with reflective taillights. And if you need to get somewhere fast, our city e-bikes with motors and batteries can provide reliable support.

Which men's bike is the perfect companion for multi-day touring?

If you're looking for the perfect men's bike to accompany you on multi-day trips and adventures, consider a touring bike with integrated lights. These bikes offer safety and comfort on long rides. With pannier racks that can carry up to 25 kg, you can easily bring everything you need with you. Additionally, attachments for trailers and bike bags expand your transportation options. A Canyon touring bike is a great choice, as it provides excellent traction and comfort. Models like the Pathlite or Pathlite:ON will ensure that you always arrive at your destination reliably and with a smile on your face.

With which men's bicycle do you reach the highest speeds?

Canyon road bikes are designed for fast rides. Super lightweight high-end materials reduce any air and rolling resistance. With state-of-the-art geometry and technical design, you are guaranteed to break your personal records. We offer you everything from the classic all-rounder to the endurance bike and the wind tunnel-developed aero road bike – of course, also as an e-road bike.

Which men's bike is best for rough terrain and off-road adventures?

We offer a variety of men's bicycles that are perfect for off-road excursions. Canyon's hardtails and full-suspension MTBs let you forget about everyday life and tear through the terrain. For special adventures like an alpine crossing, you can buy powerful e-mountain bikes directly from us. Our Grizl gravel bikes are perfect for both road and off-road surfaces.

What type of men's bike is suitable for casual riders, seniors, or people with limited mobility?

At Canyon, we have a range of men's bikes with step-through frames, designed to make getting on and off the bike effortless at any time. This frame design is extremely comfortable and gentle on your back, making it perfect for riders of all ages. The top tube is completely absent, and the down tube is positioned very low, so you only need to lift your foot slightly to mount the bike. Choose the Canyon Precede:ON if you are looking for a men’s bike with a comfortable step-through frame.

You can purchase bikes from Canyon directly through our website with the convenience of online shopping. We offer a 30-day return policy and a 6-year warranty for your peace of mind. Plus, your bike will be delivered to you 95% assembled, making it easier for you to be on the road in no time.

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