the Evo Collection

EVO Collection

The pursuit of lightness has always been, and shall remain, a key yardstick in road bike performance. To push the boundaries requires true innovation. At Canyon, we have always been at the forefront of the march to shave grams, whether setting new records or delivering world firsts.

  • 'EVO 2004

    2004 – Projekt 3.7

    A concept to explore the boundaries of weight-saving and create the lightest bike in the world. Individual components were extensively modified by hand to achieve a total weight of just 3.7 kg.

  • Evo 2006

    2006 – Projekt 6.8

    Two years later we unveiled a second concept featuring fully-functioning hydraulic disc brakes tipping the scales at 6.8 kg, bang on the UCI weight limit. A world first, our drive to innovate accelerated the evolution of disc brake road bikes.

The Ultimate CF Evo Disc is concept made reality; a superlight disc brake road bike with no drawbacks in the pursuit of overall performance. Constructed using the highest-grade materials, assembled by hand with surgical precision, and tested to the same rigorous standards as all Canyon products – this is light, done right.

EVO Disc

Evo Disc Breakdown

  • Overall weight Sub-6 Kg
  • Frame 675 g
  • Fork 285 g
  • Cockpit 270 g
We manufacture our Evo framesets using our most advanced carbon layup ever. By enhancing our production processes and developing the application of UHM and UHT fibres within the structure, we’ve taken big steps forward. Only by using these high-tech materials is it possible to achieve such impressive levels of stiffness, impact resistance, and fatigue on our lightest platforms ever.

the Bikes

the framesets

    • Selected color: Stealth / Black Titanium
    • Selected color: carbon fiber - brown
    • Selected color: carbon fiber - neon orange

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    • Selected color: black
    • Selected color: black
    • Selected color: black