Sender CFR 29 TLD

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What do you get when Canyon’s world-class engineers join forces with legendary designer Troy Lee? A supremely capable downhill racer that rides every inch as fast as it looks....
  • Weight: 16.38 kg
  • Material: Carbon (CFR)
  • Sender CFR 29 TLD
    Color: Troy Lee
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5,909 US$
6,049 US$
You save 140 US$
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Bike classification

These bikes can be used by technically adept and experienced riders to tackle very challenging, extremely steep terrain with a high number of obstacles. In this category, big jumps are to be expected as well as intensive use in bike parks or on downhill courses. It is essential that these bikes are fully examined for any potential damage after every ride. Further use when using damaged parts could lead to a major component malfunction. In addition, safety-relevant parts should be replaced at regular intervals. Wearing appropriate protective gear is absolutely essential. This category includes long-travel full-suspension bikes as well as dirt bikes.

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