E-Mountain Hardtail

E-Mountain Hardtail

Experience the thrill of tackling any terrain with Canyon's hardtail e-MTBs. With its powerful motor and cutting-edge technology, this e-MTB is designed to take on the toughest trails with ease. Explore our range of hardtail electric mountain bikes today and start your next adventure.

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    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Frutti di Bosco
    Bosch Performance Line CX, FOX 34 AWL
    86.199 CZK
    99.299 CZK
    You save 13.100 CZK
    or from 14.366,50 CZK/Mo.
    • Color: Eis am Steel
    Bosch Performance Line CX, FOX 34 AWL
    96.699 CZK
    112.399 CZK
    You save 15.700 CZK
    or from 16.116,50 CZK/Mo.
    • Color: Pistachio
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Azzurro
    Bosch Performance Line CX, Rockshox Judy Silver 29 120mm Boost
    78.499 CZK
    86.299 CZK
    You save 7.800 CZK
    or from 13.083,17 CZK/Mo.
  • Pedals done right

    Pedals done right

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Hardtail e-MTBs

With a hardtail e-MTB from Canyon, you’re guaranteed real reliability, agile handling and a powerful electric power.

What is a hardtail e-MTB?

With a hardtail, there is no rear suspension, which offers advantages when you are on off-road terrain and want to ride through fields, forests and on dirt roads. You also get additional support from the electric motor, which pushes you up steep climbs and makes riding for sport a total breeze. Additionally, maintenance of an electric hardtail is easier since there are fewer parts to check. In comparison, full-suspension mountain bikes have double suspension, front and rear to make enduro, downhill or trail more exciting experience.

Hardtails with an electric motor give you more power off-road

With a hardtail e-MTB, you can conquer any mountain and fly over forest and off-road trails – just you, your bike and a smooth ride. Enjoy cycling on a new level while also using moments to challenge yourself by riding the e-bike with the motor turned off.

When is an hardtail e-MTB worth it?

Among e-bikes, a hardtail electric mountain bike is the right choice for adventurous and spontaneous women and men. It provides full power and is flexible in its use, thanks to a smooth motor. There is no rear suspension, which means that a complex component is not installed. The hardtail electric mountain bike is lighter, more efficient and more versatile. Additionally, a powerful electric motor allows you to save your own muscle power and master difficult routes without getting out of breath.

What are hardtail e-MTBs suitable for?

A hardtail e-MTB offers significant advantages, which primarily concern maintenance (less complex rear suspension) and weight. This makes handling easier than with heavier e-bikes. The components saved in a hardtail e-MTB are: suspension, bearings, and rocker link.

Further advantages of the Canyon hardtail e-MTB

The simple functionality of the hardtail e-MTBs is complemented by sophisticated equipment. We offer direct sales of our models with a 6-year warranty. In addition, you can use our Perfect Positioning System (PPS) to find out exactly which hardtail e-MTB is right for you. By entering your data, including height and inseam measurements, the PPS will find the perfect bike size. A hardtail e-MTB with 29-inch wheels, for example, is suitable for many women and men.

How do I ride a hardtail e-MTB?

A hardtail e-MTB is an excellent solution for both well-paved roads and dirt roads. The integrated electric motor can be optimally used with good range. With an e-hardtail, you have good traction and the bike efficiently transfers power to the ground. The built-in motor in the hardtail e-MTB gives you efficient propulsion and allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the rigid rear suspension.

Proper Handling

A hardtail e-MTB is very easy to handle as an e-bike. You can save your own energy by lowering your pedalling frequency and allowing the motor to take over the effort. The stiff aluminium frame gives the bike high reactivity. This allows you to be propelled through rough terrain by the electric motor while keeping full control of your machine.

More extras - more fun

How much energy do you have left in your legs - and how much in your battery? You can check the battery status at any time. On the integrated display you can also check which pedalling style is best for the route. Of course, your new Canyon e-bike offers you a choice of gears to adapt the transmission to the terrain. The number of gears is matched to the motor.

What can hardtail e-MTB do?

Thanks to the powerful motor and your own pedalling power, you can achieve maximum performance with a hardtail e-MTB. Compared to other models, the electric mountain bike allows better control over steering and gears, while at the same time higher speeds with less power consumption are feasible. You can therefore ride your hardtail e-MTB faster - the electric motor supports you at speeds of up to 25 km/h.

The all-rounder with an electric motor

The hardtail e-MTB is the perfect all-rounder on stony and uneven terrain, even when the terrain gets rougher. You can ride the bike on gravel or muddy paths and make the most of the electric motor by skilfully shifting gears. Hardtail e-MTB have a higher torsional stiffness than other e-bikes. This is worthwhile for uneven trails if you don't want to stay on the road all the time. Downhill and uphill balance each other out in moderate trails that are easily mastered with a hardtail e-MTB. The power of pedalling or the motor is not lost due to the rigid rear end, which also simplifies steering and shifting. Do you feel like hitting the descents? Your e-hardtail is already waiting for you!

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