Compliance at Canyon

Compliance at Canyon

Compliance at Canyon

Our promise to build the best bikes and enable unforgettable ride experiences goes hand in hand with our commitment to comply with current and future global rules and regulations.

Compliance covers many topics. One key element is about how we protect customer data, which is outlined in our Data Protection Statement. It includes product compliance, which we inform about on every bike product page as well as in the Recalls and Safety Advice site. We continuously work on improving our compliance system to be able to adapt to rapidly changing worldwide legal requirements.

This site covers mainly legal disclosures related to human rights and environmental topics, which gain more and more importance at a global level.

Speak Up Platform

At Canyon, transparency, fairness, and integrity are the root of all business we do here. Working relationships based upon mutual respect are integral. Our policies and guidelines set out the expected behavior for everything we do as a company, brand, an employer, and as corporate citizens.

So if you ever become aware of any legal violations, we ask that you report it. Even if it doesn’t affect you directly.

For this, you can use our official Speak Up Platform, which can be found at It’s available for employees, suppliers, business partners and their employees as well as customers and other interest groups. Everything that you report — whether actual or suspected incidents — can be anonymous or not. It’s up to you.

Early reporting of misconduct minimises any actual or potential harm. So when allegations of possible violations of the law or our own values and policies are raised, Canyon will investigate these and take appropriate measures. ​

People should feel safe and supported when they raise a concern, so to promote the use of the Speak Up Platform, all concerns can be raised anonymously and are strictly confidential.​

For more information, please take a look at our Speak Up Policy which is accessible 24/7 at and here 

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Codes and policies

Our commitment to protect the places where we ride and the people we work with are formalised in the Canyon codes and policies. Our codes and policies are based on internationally recognised laws, standards, and documents, which provide a clear and transparent framework on how business is done in a responsible way. These are the standards we follow, and they reflect our commitment to act ethically, respectfully and with integrity concerning human rights and the environment. 

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Reports and statements

We are committed to corporate sustainability and ethical business practices. We believe business should always take place under safe and appropriate circumstances, with unified respect for human rights and environmental protection. The safety and wellbeing of our employees, partners and ecosystems across the global supply chain, protection of the environment, and responsible production are of paramount importance to Canyon. They are the keys to holistic company success. 

To put into action what we believe in, Canyon follows a due diligence process. Human rights Due Diligence disclosure requirements are increasing worldwide. As we are an international company, we’re required to be compliant with human rights laws of many different countries and regions.

Modern Slavery Statement (Australia, Canada, and UK) *Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 under review

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Norwegian Transparency Act

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